What is the difference between Saving and Investing?

What is the difference between Saving and Investing?

Watch the video to find out the difference between saving and investing, and how they can go hand in hand with your financial plan.

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Investment Products

At Citi, we believe in helping you achieve your financial goals. So take the first step towards growing your wealth with our wide offering of investment options and expert advice.  From saving accounts to unit trusts, dual currency investments, securities, and more, we are here to meet your online investment banking needs in Singapore.

Deposits - Investment Product


  • From everyday savings and checking accounts to longer-term investment that offer you higher interest rates.

Citibank Premium Account - Investment Product

Citibank Premium Account

  • Dual currency investment with potentially higher returns.

Citibank Online Premium Account - Investment Product

Citibank Online Premium Account

  • View our demo and start your investment account via Citibank Online

Foreign Currency

Foreign Exchange (FX)

  • Diversify your portfolio while maintaining the liquidity of your capital.
  • Trade in these 10 currencies: SGD, USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, HKD, CAD, AUD, CHF, and JPY.

Unit Trusts - Investment Product

Unit Trusts

  • Diversify your investment portfolio with Citibank's wide range of unit trusts, managed by some of the most reputable names in fund management.

Citibank Online Unit Trusts - Investment Product

Citibank Online Unit Trusts

  • Buy and sell unit trusts conveniently via Citibank Online.

Regular Savings Plan - Investment Product

Regular Savings Plan

  • Begin investing from as little as $100.

Fixed Income Securities - Investment Product

Fixed Income Securities

  • Choose from a selection of Bonds and Structured Notes to help fulfill your investment goals.

Citibank Brokerage - Investment Product

Citibank Brokerage

  • Trade at low commission rates and benefit from a suite of features designed to meet your investment needs.