Digital Disruption and Future Trends

Exponential growth of digital disruptions to buoy the economy​

"Digitisation" is an unstoppable trend that has gained share of economic activity and disrupted​ many industries. The rapid pace of technological adoption has played a remarkably positive role in the pandemic, saving many millions of jobs by allowing workers to adapt with social distance. COVID-19 has catalysed between five and ten years' worth of technological adoption in a very short space of time. We have became more reliant on e-commerce, food delivery, online gaming, streaming and even virtual doctor's visits. ​

Telehealth and Rise of Virtual Healthcare during Pandemic

While the immediate focus for health systems globally has been in preparing for and responding to the health crisis precipitated by the pandemic, health leaders around the world are increasingly looking toward the post COVID-19 new reality for healthcare.

US telemedicine visits surged by 50% in the first month of the pandemic and virtual visits are predicted to top 200 million this year, up sharply from the original prediction of 36 million visits for all of 2020.

Source: KPMG International Cooperative

Person tele-consulting doctor through his smart-phone

Shift in E-Commerce and Retail Consumption Habits

E-commerce is delivering goods in a way that limits the spread of disease and saves lives. Consumers are also turning to digital and omni-channel services. The adoption of e-commerce from previously uninitiated users has accelerated and consumers have increased their use of services such as contactless payment, curb-side pick up and plan to maintain this behaviour in the future.

bar graph comparing past, present and future e-commerce purchases in various segments

Source: Accenture COVID-19 Consumer Research, May 2020

Frequency of online purchases for consumers who used online channels for less than 25% of purchases prior to the outbreak.
The average online purchase has increased from 6% to 13%. This huge shift to e-commerce is likely to continue.

Enhanced Media and Communication Services

With the switch in many cases to working from home, employees have embraced their new environments and many expect to continue or increase their time spent home working in the future. Communication service providers (CSPs) have enhanced their reputations during the COVID-19 crisis.