George's Guide to Global Travel

George's Guide to Global Travel

Fortune favours the bold and prepared -so goes the modern-day quote which George, an avid globetrotter, lives by. Always on the go from one country to the next, he knows better to prepare for anything that could happen on his travels.


Today's savvy traveller doesn't need much to get going on their next adventure. Most times, George is ready to go with just his passport, wallet, phone and a carry-on. As a Citi Priority client, he knows that his financial banking needs are always taken care of, wherever he is. With this, George has the peace of mind and freedom to fully immerse himself in his travel experiences.

Read on to find out how George gets the best on the move as he heads to the natural wonders and best brunch spots in Australia.

Brunch Spots in Australia

The world in your pocket

As a frequent traveller, it's important for George to have easy access to foreign currencies anytime and anywhere at his convenience.

Through Citibank Online or his Citi Mobile® App, he is able to control and access 9 different foreign currencies with his Citibank Global Wallet. He can choose to buy currencies with real-time alerts on the best rates, or lock-in his preferred rates and have currencies auto-purchased for him with Citi eFX.

This saves George the hassle of searching for the best exchange rates on the Australian Dollar (AUD) and waiting in line at money changers.

Live, and pay, like a local

For this trip to Australia, George can easily pay in AUD with his Citi Priority Debit Mastercard® for online purchases or point of sale payments, without worrying about additional conversion fees and foreign exchange charges as his AUD account is automatically linked to his Citi Priority Debit Mastercard.

But for George's favourite cup of coffee and other purchases that need to be paid in cash, his Citi Priority Debit Mastercard also allows him to withdraw local currency without any fees at all Citibank ATMs worldwide*.

Don't lose your head over a lost wallet

As with even the most seasoned travellers, George loses his wallet in between destinations. But he does not fret and makes his way to the nearest Citibank branch in Australia where he can withdraw emergency cash of up to USD5,000 from his account.

This will help to see him through any immediate daily expenses or unexpected events.

The right key (or card) opens all doors

With his Citi Priority Debit Mastercard, George also has access to a world of privileges and benefits even while in Australia. He can enjoy preferred access, exclusive offers and special deals on hotel stays, dining, air fare, attractions and curated events-all of which translates into great savings and an even greater experience.

Travelling is exciting and fun, though it may have its share of challenges at times. As a Citi Priority client, you can be assured that the banking features you need and the convenience you want are always within reach, wherever you are in the world.

Now is it any wonder George loves living the global life?

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*No overseas cash withdrawal processing fees for Citi Checking or Savings Account when using Citi ATM/Debit Cards at any Citi proprietary ATMs. Standard foreign currency exchange rates will apply to currencies not included in Citibank Global Wallet.