Difference between saving and investment


Difference between saving and investment

Saving and investing are two terms that are often used interchangeably. In practice, however, they are two very different tactics to help you reach your financial goals. Let’s start with saving. It’s the simpler one of the two. Saving is the amount of your income that you tuck away for a rainy day or near-term goals. And by tuck away, we mean somewhere where safety is typically your number one goal. Bank savings and checking accounts and Fixed Deposits are great examples of places to put your savings. Most people think of savings in terms of shorter-term goals and needs—perhaps funds for an upcoming vacation or a personal emergency reserve.

So how is investing different? When you invest, you are buying an asset that you believe will generate a return over time. In other words, the main reason you invest is so your money will grow. Of course, with investing there are typically no guarantees, and most investments are better suited to long-term goals – such as retirement. So, with no guarantees, why do people choose to invest in addition to saving? The answer lies in the increase in the cost of living over time, otherwise known as inflation. While savings vehicles may be good for putting away money for short-term goals, they typically don’t generate returns beyond the level of inflation. In fact, they often lag inflation. That can mean your money isn’t just standing still, it may be losing its purchasing power over time. The first goal of every investor should be to outpace inflation so their money can generate a solid real return – that’s the return after inflation. So while most investments do not offer guarantees, they generally offer the potential to beat inflation. Saving and investing go hand in hand, and each has a place in a financial plan, but they are definitely different. Talk to your financial adviser today about how you can start investing.

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Watch the video to find out the difference between saving and investing, and how they can go hand in hand with your financial plan.

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