Create Wealth with Customized Wealth Packages offered by Citi Priority Singapore! Create Wealth with Customized Wealth Packages offered by Citi Priority Singapore! Create Wealth with Customized Wealth Packages offered by Citi Priority Singapore!

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No matter what stage of life you're in, we believe in personalized wealth planning and management that helps you maximize the potential to create wealth as efficiently as possible and in a way that best suits you.
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Decisions about your financial future are among the most important decisions you will ever make. While you may not know what the future holds, sound wealth planning can help you breathe easy knowing that you will be financially secure. No matter what your life goals are, our wealth planning services will provide you the roadmap to convert those goals into action plans.

At Citi Priority, we help you maximize your financial potential with personalized wealth creation plans. When you have a wealth plan that matches your goals, your financial gains and satisfaction will be far greater. Whether your goal is to achieve financial freedom, provide the best education for your children, buy a home or a car, we will help you achieve those goals with wealth creation plans built just for you.

Customised wealth packages


wealth packages

We have crafted a series of wealth planning packages to help you get closer to your goals. Each package is designed to fit a different set of lifestyles and priorities - so you can find one that best fits your wealth creation plans.
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Market insights at your fingertips


Market insights at your fingertips

Stay updated on key global market developments and Citi's house views on the latest headlines. Find out what's trending through our comprehensive market research reports and in-depth thematic articles.
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Boost your savings with Citi Wealth First Account


Boost your savings with Citi Wealth First Account

A savings account that rewards you for all your financial decisions and banking relationship. With the Citi Wealth First Account, you will earn bonus interest of up to 2.8% p.a. by simply performing your usual banking activities with Citi.
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Making extra cash is closer than you think


Making extra cash
is closer than you think

Take the first step towards wealth generation by choosing from our suite of investment products available on our online investment platform, that best suit your investment needs and risk appetite.
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For your peace of mind

Protect what matters most with our suite of insurance solutions.

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Smart solutions at your fingertips


Smart solutions
at your fingertips

Get bite-sized tips on financial solutions spanning across investment, protection and banking to help you tap into a world of opportunities.
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Make the most of every trade

Seize opportunities with Citibank Brokerage

View stock prices, ratings & forecasts via our Thomson Reuters Stock Analytics with Citibank Brokerage.
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Diversify your portfolio with Citibank Online Unit Trust

Diversify your portfolio through a variety of assets to meet your specific investment objectives and enjoy lower sales charge when you subscribe through Citibank Online or Citi Mobile® App.
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Trade Instantly with Citibank eFX

Trade on the go through our eFX platform on Citibank Online or Citi Mobile® App, with real-time alerts and attractive FX rates.
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