Protect yourself against fraud: Tips and measures.

Credit Card Fraud Preventions and Protection Tips.

Citi takes the prevention of fraud very seriously with measures in place for your protection and security. Card activation ensures that you have consented for your new or replaced cards to be activated for usage, Citi Alerts notifies you of transactions that are made to your accounts while 3D Secure authenticates all purchases made online to prevent fraudulent misuse of your account.

Fraud prevention is a shared responsibility and you can further prevent and protect yourself against fraud:

Keep your card safe.

  • Citibank 24-hour card emergency number: +65 6225 5225.
  • Sign on your credit card as soon as you receive it.
  • Ensure your card is always kept safely with you.
  • Check your account balance regularly.
  • Ensure that the correct card is returned to you after any purchase.
  • Do not disclose your card or financial details or lend your ATM/Credit card to anyone (including strangers, suspicious websites and telemarketers).
  • Do not write down your PIN or choose a PIN that is easily associated with you e.g. your birth date.

Travel and shop safely.

  • Be wary of strangers and pick pockets.
  • Ensure that merchants are reputable.
  • Update your contact details (mobile number and email address) to ensure that you are kept informed of your account activities.

Online safety.

  • Install the latest antivirus and anti malware software version on your mobile phone or computer.
  • Do not save your online banking login details on your browsers, clearing your browser's cache and history after each session.
  • Do not open email attachments, install software or run programs from unknown sources.

Protect your card from double swiping.

The magnetic stripe on your credit or debit card contains sensitive payment card data. To protect your information, the magnetic stripe of your credit or debit card should not be swiped on Point-of-Sale readers or Electronic Cash Registers which is known as “double swiping”. Inserting or dipping a chip-enabled credit or debit card in a payment card terminal for payment is not considered as double swiping.  For more information on double swiping, please visit