It's not a job.
It's your career.

It's not a job. It's your career.

Within the Citi world, change and progress are the only constants. To join our team of high performing professionals, you will be someone who embraces every opportunity and you thrive in an environment that demands innovation. As one of the largest financial service organisations in the world, we offer unique possibilities for development and support our Talent in realising potential for leadership.

We recognise that the success of Citi is dependent on the talent of our employees, their personal ownership of our brand and the vision of the company. Citi is its people. At Citi, you will have the opportunity to work amongst some of the best and most talented people in your chosen field. Together, we can live up to our reputation as the premier financial services brand and the most respected financial services organisation in the world.

Work @ Citi

Why work @ Citi?

Not many companies can claim a presence in over 75% of the world's economies and over 200 years of history. Being a part of Citi means you enter a global community that spans across all continents and allows exposure to the best practices on the world stage, are you ready to be a citizen of the Citi world?

Development and Career: You can be the driver of your career at Citi. We provide training and developmental opportunities to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? No matter where you want to go, Citi can take you there.

Size and Reach (Brand): Citi's expansive business means greater opportunities to explore your career options. Our position as one of the biggest financial institutions in the world allows us to recruit high performing individuals from a multitude of backgrounds. Our diversity helps us face challenges and makes us stronger...are you prepared to be part of that strength?

People and Capability (Culture): Our success as an organisation comes from the passion and dedication of our people. At Citi, you will find an environment that encourages supportive relationships, learning and a true sense of community. We recruit individuals who want to care about their work, Citi and each other.

Community and sustainability: Globally and locally, Citi has made genuine efforts to increase our impact within the community space. We care about the community we live in, we hope you do too.

Integrity and Ownership: Trust is something we strive for everyday at Citi and is not taken for granted. We develop trust with clients through our products, we earn trust from our employees through meritocracy and we receive trust in the community through our integrity. We will not compromise in our aspiration to be an accountable and sustainable market leader. As you embark on your career, consider what and who you want to represent.

Challenge and Innovation: How does it feel to work with the best in their field? We could tell you, or you could experience it for yourself when you join us. We work in a competitive market and we need players who can thrive in a team, working together with other stars. Join the game, accept the challenge.

Structure and Responsibility (Autonomy and Career growth): We expect everyone in Citi to take ownership of their own careers by providing autonomy in their roles and career growth opportunities. Chances will be offered to you - are you prepared to seize them?


Mobility can mean many things - at Citi we have the resources and networks to help you achieve the mobility you envisage. We promote and support cross-business development; as one of the world's biggest financial institutions there are endless career possibilities for our talent. For those looking for geographic mobility, Citi can open up doors to countries all over the world. Once you join Citi, you become connected to a global network that reaches over 140 countries.

Learning & Development

Learning within the Citi context is not all about attending training courses. Some of the most powerful growth opportunities happen on the job. We encourage all staff to take ownership of their development and to have meaningful conversations with their managers through development planning and performance feedback sessions.

Benefits @ Citi

  • Staff banking privileges including mortgages, credit cards, saving accounts, investment, insurance, etc
  • A comprehensive range of benefits for our employees ranging from core medical care and insurance to the various leave entitlements, etc.
  • Flexi$ for flexible spending to enable staff the flexibility to select benefits that are in line with their changing circumstances, such as lifestyle and life event changes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In Singapore, Citi is committed to the long term sustainability of our business and making a difference in our local community. Our corporate responsibility initiatives focus on financial education, youth education, community development, philanthropy, volunteerism, and environmental and workplace practices. A primary focus of Citi's corporate citizenship initiatives in Singapore is financial education and Citi was the first financial institution to introduce financial education to young people in Singapore. Since 2002, Citi has given grants totaling more than US$6.2 million (S$8.7 million) for a number of corporate citizenship initiatives, including a wide range of financial education programmes that have benefited over 80% of schools in Singapore and reached out to over 350,000 students. Staff are encouraged to take part in any of the above initiatives and are given 1-day off each year for volunteering their time towards a meaningful cause.

Our Values

Citi works tirelessly to serve individuals, communities, institutions and nations. With 200 years of experience meeting the world's toughest challenges and seizing its greatest opportunities, we strive to create the best outcomes for our clients and customers with financial solutions that are simple, creative and responsible. An institution connecting over 1,000 cities, 160 countries and millions of people, we are your global bank; we are Citi.

The four key principles-the values that guide us as we perform our mission-are:

  • Common Purpose - One team, with one goal: serving our clients and stakeholders.
  • Responsible Finance - Conduct that is transparent, prudent and dependable.
  • Ingenuity - Enhancing our clients' lives through innovation that harnesses the breadth and depth of our information, global network, and world-class products.
  • Leadership - Talented people with the best training who thrive in a diverse meritocracy that demands excellence, initiative and courage.

Our History

Citi has been in Singapore since 1902 and is deeply embedded in Singapore's financial services sector. Represented in nearly every asset class, Citi's Institutional Clients Group, Global Consumer Group, Citi Private Bank and International Personal Bank employs some 10,000 people, making it the largest banking employer in Singapore. As a key centre of excellence for Citi in Asia Pacific, Singapore hosts a number of Citi's state of the art processing hubs and data centres, serving various businesses in 60 countries around the world. Multiple businesses operate hubs and regional offices out of Singapore connecting to the rest of the world, including: Retail Banking & Cards Asia, International Personal Bank, Citi Private Bank (Asia & Global), Treasury and Trade Services Asia & Securities and Funds Services Asia (Sales, Products & Service Implementation), Markets Asia, Global Subsidiaries Group Asia and CVC Asia.

Our Businesses

Citi, the leading global financial services company, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Globally, Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management.

Citi in Singapore reflects the global Citi organisation structure with its two major business divisions - Global Consumer Group and Institutional Clients Group, supported by corporate functions and Operations & Technology.

Global Consumer Group

Citibank is a formidable and distinct market leader in the Singapore consumer banking businesses, including wealth management, credit payment products, secured assets and a full spectrum of banking and investment services. Citibank has more than 1,500 customer touch-points, including 23 branches, some 223 Citibank ATMs, more than 110 ATM locations under the ATM5 shared network and over 300 SAM payment terminals.

Institutional Clients Group

Citi's Institutional Clients Group (ICG) provides the most comprehensive range of financial services, products and financing solutions to top local and multinational corporations, SMEs, financial institutions, government and institutional investors. The ICG businesses include corporate and investment banking, global markets, commercial banking, transaction services as well as investment research and analysis. Citi is the pre-eminent provider of financial advisory and capital raising services including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings, underwriting and distributing equity, debt, and derivatives securities. Citi aims to assist clients grow their business by providing them with financial solutions encompassing banking, working capital management, commercial lending, cash management, supply chain finance, FX, trade finance, custody, clearing and loans, currency hedging services, as well as market-linked investments.

Your World of Opportunities

Not many companies can claim a presence in over 75% of the world's economies and near on 200 years of history. Being a part of Citi means you enter a global community that spans across all continents and allows exposure to the best practices on the world stage, are you ready to be a citizen of the Citi world?

Professional Hires

Citi is committed to career mobility and sourcing highly talented individuals. As part of that commitment, this site allows you to search for open vacancies, submit your application on-line and sign up for job alerts. To view vacancies in Singapore click here:

Graduate Programs

If you want to build specific technical skills and benefit from initial and continuous training in business specific disciplines, our specialist programmes in the following areas offer you tremendous opportunities to put your skills acquired into practice.

  • Citi Markets and Securities Services Analyst Programme
  • Citi Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory (Corporate Banking) Analyst Programme
  • Citi Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory (Investment Banking) Analyst Programme
  • Citi Private Bank Analyst Programme
  • Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions Analyst Programme
  • Citi Technology Analyst Programme
  • Citi Commercial Banking Analyst Programme
  • Global Consumer Banking Analyst Programme
  • Global Consumer Banking Associate Programme (MBA/Master students)
  • International Personal Bank Analyst Programme
  • International Personal Bank Associate Programme (MBA/Master students)

To apply or for more information, please go to Applications will only be accepted online via our website.


Here we want you to explore the banking world so you can develop a true sense of purpose and direction, and we offer many ways to help you start your journey.

Citi Summer Analyst/Associate Programmes

The Citi Summer Analyst/Associate Programmes in Singapore are 10-12-week long internship program aimed at selecting the best students to build a pipeline of candidates for our various business-specific leadership programs under our key businesses and functions. Our summer programs will incorporate team projects, speaker series, workshops and networking events. Besides on-the-job training and coaching, candidates can also look forward to ongoing professional development through the buddy scheme. At the end of the summer program, candidates who perform exceptionally and exceed expectations will be considered and propelled ahead of their peers in the selection process for the full-time Program.

  • Citi Markets and Securities Services Summer Analyst Programme
  • Citi Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory (Corporate Banking) Summer Analyst Programme
  • Citi Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory (Investment Banking) Summer Analyst Programme
  • Citi Private Bank Summer Analyst Programme
  • Citi Technology Summer Analyst Programme
  • Treasury and Trade Solutions Summer Analyst Programme
  • Citi Commercial Banking Summer Analyst Programme
  • Global Consumer Banking Summer Analyst and Associate Programme
  • International Personal Bank Summer Analyst and Associate Programme

To apply or for more information, please go to Applications will only be accepted online via our website.