Citibank SMS Pay (Discontinued)

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Citibank SMS Pay (Discontinued)

Please note that this service has been discontinued. For payment of Credit Card and Ready Credit bills, please refer to alternative payment methods listed here.

Terms and Conditions:Terms and Conditions:

Citibank SMS Pay Terms and Conditions

* Other bank accounts refer to accounts with any other bank or finance company that is a participant in the GIRO network.

  1. In these Terms and Conditions:
    • "Citibank" means Citibank Singapore Limited.
    • "I", "my" or "me" means the Citibank Credit Cardmember, Citibank Ready Credit / Ready Credit Smart Cash accountholder (as the case may be) and
    • "SMS" means Short Message Service provided by Citibank's mobile service provider which:
      1. Citibank may use to send communication to my mobile phone and
      2. Enables me to give Citibank instructions in respect of my Citibank Credit Card and/or Citibank Ready Credit Account, in accordance with Citibank's prevailing procedure.
  2. I agree that the SMS Pay Service ("SMS Pay") will be availed by Citibank to me, subject to these Terms and Conditions which Citibank may amend from time to time.
  3. An Inbound Funds Transfer ("IFT") facility and a subscription to the requisite category of CitiAlerts (each an "Alert", collectively the "Alerts") is required for SMS Pay. The Terms and Conditions of use for IFT and Alerts will also apply to SMS Pay.
  4. I understand that:
    • I must be an accountholder of the nominated account ("Nominated Account") maintained with a bank or finance company participating in the GIRO network ("Nominated FI") from which specified sums will be debited for payment of my Citibank Credit Card and/or Citibank Ready Credit Bills.
    • The Nominated FI must approve my payment instruction.
    • The SMS Pay Service is only available to Citibank Ready Credit accountholders, Citibank Ready Credit Smart Cash accountholders and Citibank Credit Main Cardmembers.
    • Any payment instruction from me must be from the mobile phone number I have provided to you for SMS Pay and any such instruction will be final and binding.
    • I may not receive the Alert with details on my statement balance, minimum amount due and due date for my account(s) upon the issuance of the relevant account statement if my mobile phone operator is unable to support the service and the relevant Terms and Conditions of your service provider will apply to the Alerts.
  5. I understand that:
    • Authorize Citibank to make a claim of the relevant sums from the Nominated FI.
    • That although you will send me an acknowledgement of my payment instruction, I am responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient funds in the Nominated Bank Account to carry out my SMS payment instruction.
    • That the payment instruction will take at least 3 business days to be effected.
  6. The Terms and Conditions of the applicable agreement for my Citibank Credit Card and/or Ready Credit Account(s) will continue to apply.
  7. I agree that Citibank shall be entitled to charge a fee for this service, and that Citibank shall be entitled to vary the Terms and Conditions relating to this payment service (including IFT and Alerts).