Arriving in Singapore.

Arriving in Singapore.
In this section, Citi guides you through certain basic areas of life from housing to public services. We aim to provide the maximum information to ensure minimum hassle for yourselves and family.

Housing in Singapore is divided into public HDB apartments, private condominiums and private landed houses. Depending on your housing criteria such as location, costs and facilities, you may choose to buy or rent from these categories.

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For a premier quality living environment, you may also consider the services of a serviced apartment that provide larger living space and hotel alike services.

Renting a property

Check out what rental properties are available at:


To rent a property, it is best to go through a real estate agent who can help you negotiate the intricacies of the local housing regulations and the leasing agreement.

A leasing agreement will stipulate a set duration eg. 12 or 24 months; the rental amount and list of terms and conditions, which you can negotiate before signing; and the details of the property eg. address etc.

You should have a good understanding of the agreement before signing it as it is a legally binding document. As part of the agreement, you will have to sign a Condition Report so thoroughly inspect the property with the agent/owner to put on record any defects and disrepair before signing it. Keep your copy of the agreement safely.

It is usual to pay a rental bond of one month's rent for every year of lease and one month's rent in advance.


Local Calling

Singapore's main mobile phone networks are:

  • M1 Singapore
  • SingTel
  • StarHub

An island-wide high-speed fiber network for data, LAN and voice is in place providing cutting edge connectivity.


Singapore is a small country with a highly developed public transport system to every corner of the island. To use the public bus and the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train systems, you will need a stored value EZ-Link Card which you can obtain from bus terminuses, train stations and 7-Eleven stores.

  • Public Transport

    Public buses and MRT trains operate on a regular schedule. Kindly visit the respective sites of SMRT and SBS Transit for updated schedules. On weekends and the eve of public holidays, late night express buses also run. To pay for your journey, simply tap your EZ-Link card when you board and alight.

  • Taxi

    You may hail a taxi on the road, catch one from a designated taxi stand, call for a cab or make an advance booking. All taxis operate by meter. You can pay using cash and major credit cards.

Citi SMRT Card

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If you work in Singapore, you may be required to pay tax on your income. Therefore, you will require a Singapore bank account and a Singapore Tax File Number. Please visit Internal Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) website for details.


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International Money Transfer

Global Transfer

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Common payment methods

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