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What is a Citibank Children's Savings Account?

Children’s savings accounts are specially crafted for teenagers who are of at least 15 years or above but below 18 years of age. A child can open an account jointly with 1 or 2 adult applicant(s) only. The Citibank Junior Savings Account facilitates Internet and Phone banking and comes with an International ATM card. This Citibank Junior Savings Account can be accessed via ATMs or Citibank Online, provided you as the adult account holder authorize to give access to the account or Citi card to your child.

Children's Savings Account from Citi

  • Easy tracking of funds with separate monthly statement.
  • Earn interest as your child grows his savings.
  • Parents/Child aged 15 and above can access the account conveniently through online banking.

For account opening, please visit our branches or call our CitiPhone Banking Hotline at 6225-5225 between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for more information.

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Benefits of Citi Junior Savings Account

Checking facilities No Cheque book is not available for Junior Savings Account
Online Banking Yes

Yes, for adults and child aged 15 and above

No for child aged below 15

Phone Banking Yes CitiPhone Banking and Automated Voice Response
International ATM card Yes

Yes for adults and child aged 15 and above

No for child aged below 15

Other requirements Yes
  • One Child per account
  • Child is aged below 18
  • Child can open account jointly with 1 or 2 adult applicant(s) only
  • Adult is aged 18 and above

FAQ's on Citibank Junior Savings Account

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The revised account service fee and minimum total relationship balance requirements will be effective from
1st January 2017 for Citi Priority, Citigold and Citigold Private Client and will be effective from 1st February 2017 for Citibanking clients.

There is no service fee ONLY for the Junior Savings Account.

However, typically if there are any other savings accounts, you need to maintain TRB (Total Relationship Balance) of S$15,000 for Citibanking or Citi Priority or Citigold or Citigold Private Client.

Example 1: You ONLY have Junior Savings Account

Total Relationship Balance = $5, Account Service Fee = $15

  • No service fee will be charged.

Example 2: You have Maxisave and Junior Savings Account

Total Relationship Balance = $5, Account Service Fee = $15

  • No service fee will be charged from Junior Savings Account. SGD Maxisave will be charged $15.

Your child, who is 15 years and older, can access his funds via ATM machines or Citibank Online if you, the adult account holder, authorise to give the child the Citicard. You must sign the Citibank Junior Savings Account - Application for Citicard and ATM-Pin Issuance form before the issuance can take place.

Yes, this account offers Internet Banking access anytime, anywhere, via Citibank Online. As for your child, if he/she is above 15 years of age and with your consent, he/she can also access the account online too.

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