One Bill Payment - Bill Consolidation Services

Hassle-free bill payment.

Hassle-free bill payment and bill consolidation

Citibank Checking and Savings One Bill Payment Service

Enjoy the convenience of consolidating your bill payments using a single account.

With Citibank Checking and Savings One Bill Payment Service, you can now consolidate all your monthly telecommunication bill payment via GIRO, using a single account.

Benefits of Bill Consolidation Service

  • Consolidate multiple bills into one easy-to-read statement.
  • Automatically pay your bills on time every month.
  • Avoid unnecessary penalties on late payments.
  • No more tracking of due dates or queue up to make payments.

Participating merchant include Starhub

Please refer to the attached form for a quick guide to finding your billing organization's account number as we will require this information to set up your GIRO payments.

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