Important information relating to your Citi Credit Card/Ready Credit account closure query(s) ("Account Closure")

We refer to your recent Account Closure query.

To proceed with your Account Closure, kindly respond within 2 weeks of receipt of this SMS.

Please SMS to 72484 the following:
If you would like to close more than one account, please indicate all the account numbers in the following format:
Please kindly note the following:

  1. By sending an SMS to 72484 in the format specified above, you are requesting Citibank to close the account(s) bearing the account number(s) indicated in such SMS ("Account(s)").

  2. If we do not receive your SMS response within the next 2 weeks, we will not proceed to close any of your Account(s).

  3. There is a processing time of up to 5 working days and Citibank will notify you upon the closure of the Account(s) ("Closure"). Prior to such notification, you acknowledge that the Account(s) will still be active and you will be liable for any outstanding on the Account(s) (including any card transactions, fees and/or charges that have not been posted or settled in full at the time of Closure).

  4. Upon Closure:

    1. all supplementary card(s) linked to my Citi Credit Card Account(s) as specified above will be terminated;

    2. all existing recurring payment plans such as Equal Payment Plan (“EPP”), Balance Transfer, Quick Cash, Paywise approved in respect of the Account(s) will be cancelled and the full outstanding balance (including cancellation fees, if any) will be charged to my/our closing statement of account. The cancellation fee for early termination of Quick Cash is (a) 3% of outstanding unbilled amount or S$100, whichever is higher, or (b) such other rate and/or amount as specified in my Quick Cash confirmation letter.

    3. (applicable to closure of Citibank Ready Credit account) – Your Ready Credit Card will be closed. If you hold an ATM card with a primary account linkage to your Citibank Ready Credit account, such ATM card will also be closed, unless you have otherwise specified for it to be relinked to another banking account.

  5. You may receive your closing statement of account (with outstanding amount if any) after the Closure. The full outstanding amount has to be settled by the payment due date specified in the closing statement of account and if the outstanding amount is not paid in full, you will be charged late fees and charges on the outstanding.

  6. Please note:
    1. (applicable to closure of Esso Mobil Privilege Card) If you have an Esso Mobil Privilege Card linked to any of the Account(s) above, please make arrangements to link it to another Citi Credit Card. Your Esso Mobil Privilege Card will be cancelled if there is no other Citi Credit Card for it to be linked to.
    2. (applicable to closure of Citibank SMRT Card) If you have a Citibank SMRT Card, please proceed to any TransitLink Ticket Office in order to terminate and obtain a refund of the remaining stored value in your EZ-link Facility.

  7. If the Account(s) is/are a secured facility(ies), please note that it will take up to 45 days from Closure for the funds which are subject to the security arrangement to be released.

  8. If you have any recurring payment instruction linked to any of the Account(s), please contact the relevant company providing the goods or services to establish alternative payment arrangements.

  9. If any amount is credited to the Account(s) after the Closure, Citibank is entitled to transfer such credit balance by way of funds transfer to any of my/our Citi Credit Card account(s) with Citibank and if such account has any outstanding balance, such funds will be applied to set-off such outstanding balance first; or pay such credit balance to me/either of us by way of cheque/cashier’s order.

  10. We will only be able to close accounts that belong to you. Please ensure that you have indicated the correct account number otherwise we will not be able to proceed with closure. We will not act on the instructions of any third party.

  11. Please send the SMS from the mobile number that you have registered with Citibank. We will not be able to accept instructions from a mobile number that is not registered under you. If you have changed your mobile number, please login to to update your records.