Enjoy better financial flexibility

Ease your mind

Turn your Citi Credit Card and Citibank Ready Credit card statement balance into affordable instalments with low processing fees.

Instant approval

No documents required and no hidden fees.

Simple and hassle-free

Convert your Citi Credit Card and Citibank Ready Credit card statement balance into instalments in a few taps on the Citi Mobile® App.

Apply via Citi Mobile® App to enjoy easy conversion

Convert at least S$4,000 of your retail purchases or statement balances into a Citi PayLite or Citi FlexiBill instalment loan to qualify for up to S$200 worth of GrabFood vouchers.

T&Cs apply. Not applicable for Citibank Ready Credit.

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Calculate your monthly instalments*

*The monthly repayment amounts as stated below are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that your actual monthly repayment amounts will vary depending on your loan tenure and the actual interest rate offered to you.

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Est. S$41.67/month
for 6 months
Service Fee (charged upfront): S$5

(Service Fee is charged at 2% (EIR 9.78% p.a.))

How it works

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Login to the Citi Mobile® App.

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Tap on "Pay later".

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Tap on "Current statement".

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Choose your preferred amount and repayment plan.

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Tap on "Confirm and convert now" after verifying details.

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You have successfully converted your statement balance into instalments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Citi FlexiBill?

Citi FlexiBill is a feature exclusively for Citi credit cardholders and Citibank Ready Credit cardholders to convert their statemented retail balances into instalment payments. A fee may be applicable.

How to apply?

- Existing Citi cardholders

Existing Citi cardholders may apply for Citi FlexiBill by logging on to Citi Mobile® App, Citibank Online or via SMS sent to your registered mobile number.

- New to Citi customers

If you wish to apply for Citi FlexiBill, you will need to apply for a Citi Credit Card or a Citibank Ready Credit Card first before contacting us to book a Citi FlexiBill. To find out more about the type of Citi Credit Card or Citibank Ready Credit Card you can apply, click here.

Is there a minimum amount and/or tenure to take up Citi FlexiBill?

Citi FlexiBill can be taken with just a minimum amount of S$200 over the tenure of up to 36 months or such other amount and/or period that Citi may decide.

Can I convert my full statemented outstanding into Citi FlexiBill?

No. The eligible amount stated on the different modes of application is already the maximum amount allowed for conversion. You are still required to make payment for the remaining of your statemented amount by the payment due date stated on your Citi credit card and/or Citibank Ready Credit card monthly statement of account.

How do I know my application has been approved?

If you have applied on the Citi Mobile® App or via Citibank Online, you will be able to know instantly whether your application is approved or not at the end of the session. Please note that approval of the Program is subject to our discretion.

If you have applied via the SMS sent to your registered mobile number, we will send a success SMS to inform you that your application has been approved.

Alternatively, you may look out for a confirmation letter sent to your registered mailing address or refer to your next Citi credit card statement of account to know if the Program has been approved or not.

How do I know how much to pay for the monthly instalment?

Where you have applied for Citi FlexiBill online, the repayment schedule will be shown to you during the application process. Once your application is approved, we will also send a confirmation letter to your mailing address in our records which will set out the repayment schedule as well as details of your loan under the Citi FlexiBill program.

Your Citi credit card and Citibank Ready Credit card monthly statement of account will also display the monthly instalment amount payable.

How will my repayment behavior (for this Program and outstanding balances from my previous monthly statements) incur additional finance charges to my Citi Credit Card / Citibank Ready Credit account?

The instalments from this Program are billed to the Citi Credit Card (CC)/Citibank Ready Credit (RC) account monthly similar to a normal retail purchase.

If you pay or had paid less than the total amount due indicated on your credit card current or previous monthly statements of account on or before the payment due date OR did not pay the full minimum payment amount within 30 days from the relevant payment due date indicated on the Citi Ready Credit account, the instalments will be subject to the usual finance charges (fees or APR interest).

Please note that this Program will take more than the scheduled term to pay off in full if only minimum amount due is paid on your CC and less than minimum amount is paid on your RC

Terms & Conditions

Click here to view Citi PayLite/ Citi FlexiBill Terms and Conditions