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Benefits of Citibank Online Unit Trust

Convenience - Diversify your portfolio with a wide range of Unit Trusts, managed by some of the most reputable names in fund management on Citibank Online.

Manage Your Portfolio - Keep track of your portfolio performance and NAVs securely.

Integrated Banking - Transact on your Unit Trust investments through your Citibank checking and savings account on our internet banking platform.




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Buy and Sell Unit Trusts conveniently on Citibank Online.

Switch your investments between Unit Trusts.

Start a monthly Regular Savings Plan (RSP).

Track your Unit Trusts portfolio easily.

What are Unit Trusts?

Unit Trusts are a pool of funds collectively managed by a fund manager. Unit Trusts give you opportunities to diversify your portfolio, manage risk and the ability to invest in increasingly complicated financial markets.

Ways to invest in Unit Trusts

  • Buy funds from our list of fund houses available on Citibank Online
  • Sell funds from your portfolio
  • Invest in Unit Trusts using our monthly Regular Savings Plan (RSP) service
  • Switch funds between same fund houses

Why invest in Unit Trusts

  • Affordability: Unit Trusts can be invested in a portfolio of assets like bonds, shares, etc. You can easily buy in to a portfolio of investments, which would otherwise be extremely expensive
  • Diversification: Risk is lowered as it involves the mixing of investments within a portfolio across different industries and stocks
  • Professional Management: By investing in Unit Trusts, your investments will be managed professionally by fund managers from respective fund houses, who seek to maximise returns and minimise risk by analysing opportunities based on their experience and research
How to Invest

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  • How to open a Mutual Fund account

    If you do not have a Mutual Fund account with us, simply login to Citibank Online to apply for one. In 4 easy steps, you can have your Mutual Fund account with Citibank.

    • Login with your User ID and Password.
    • Click on Services -> Investment services -> Open a Mutual Fund account
    • Select a relationship number and choose your funding account.
    • Confirm your selection and you now have a Mutual Fund account now.

    * Note: A valid Investment Risk Profile is required. If you do not have a valid Investment Risk Profile, you may re-assess it on Citibank Online or visit any of our Citibank Branches.

  • How to buy Unit Trust online

    • Login with your User ID and Password
    • Click on Wealth Management -> Unit Trusts -> Buy
    • Select the Mutual Fund you would like to use and fill up your preferences
    • Confirm your selection and you have bought your selected Unit Trust
  • How to buy Regular Savings Plan (RSP)

    • Login with your User ID and Password
    • Click on Wealth Management -> Unit Trusts -> RSP
    • Select the Mutual Fund you would like to use and fill up your preferences
    • Confirm your selection and you have bought your selected RSP

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A Unit Trust (also known as a collective investment scheme) is a pool of money managed collectively by a fund manager. You invest in a Unit Trust by buying units in a trust. Your money will be pooled with that of other investors and invested in a portfolio of assets to achieve the investment objective of the Unit Trust. When a Unit Trust is first launched for sale, the price of each unit is usually fixed. If you invest in an existing Unit Trust, the price of each unit will be based on the market value of the underlying assets that the Unit Trust has invested in. The number of units you will receive depends on the amount of your investment less the sales charge you have to pay.

As Unit Trusts are generally considered medium to long-term investments, you should have the financial resources to stay invested in them for a reasonable period of time so as to gain the full benefits. If you need to convert your investments to cash in the short-term to meet specific needs, a Unit Trust may not be suitable for you.

You will need a Citibank checking / savings account and a Unit Trust account. You will also need to complete an Investment Risk Profile to determine if Unit Trusts is a suitable investment product for you.

You will be able to view your Unit Trust portfolio, Buy / Sell / Switch / Set up a Regular Savings Plan (RSP). You will also be able to open mutual fund accounts.

Yes. However, your account needs to be accessed for Customer Knowledge Assessment. Please contact your Personal Banker or Relationship Manager for assistance.

Yes. NAV is computed once a day based on the closing market prices of the securities in the fund's portfolio. If the transaction is placed and accepted before the fund's cut off time, the transaction will priced for the same day. If the transaction is placed and accepted after the cut off time, transaction will only be processed the next working day. The actual NAV will only be published 2 business days after the transaction date.

You can set up a Regular Savings Plan online to automatically subscribe into an investment fund on a monthly basis at a minimum amount of $100 over a period of time. The debit date indicated during the set up will take place unless it falls on a non business day, debiting of funds will take place on the next business day.

All buy orders will be completed within 5 business days (T+5) from the day they are transacted. T is the transaction date of the buy order. Once the transaction process is completed, the units of the funds will appear under the investment holdings in your account. All units are priced based on the Net Asset Value of the transaction date.

The cut off time to process an online order is 4pm (Singapore time) on any business day. Orders placed after 4pm on a business day will be processed on the next business day. Orders placed on a non-business day will be processed on the next business day.

You can view your holdings by logging in to Citibank Online and click on Investments > Unit Trust > Portfolio Overview. You will be able to track the profit and loss of your investments easily as the current values of the funds are updated daily.

Redemption cycles would usually take up to 5 business days (T+5) from the day they are transacted. Once completed sales proceeds will be settled into your designated settlement account.

Yes, all settlements of transactions will need to be in the same currency. Therefore you will need to have the required settlement account set up for the transaction. Please contact your Personal Banker or Relationship Manager for assistance.

Only cash transactions for retail funds are available online. Please contact your Personal Banker or Relationship Manager for more information.

Transactions confirmed online cannot be cancelled. Please contact your Personal Banker, Relationship Manager or go to the nearest branch for assistance.


What are the Sales Charges?

Initial sales charges will be up to 1.5% per transaction.

Alternatively, you can view the charges in the pre-confirmation page while you are placing a Unit Trust order via Citibank Online.

There are no charges for selling Unit Trusts.


For more information, please drop us your contact details and we will contact you shortly.


Investment products are not bank deposits or obligations of or guaranteed by Citibank Singapore Limited, Citigroup, Inc or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries unless specifically stated. Investment products are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results, prices can go up or down. Investors investing in investment and/or treasury products denominated in non-local currency should be aware of the risks of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause a loss of principal when foreign currency is converted back to the investors' home currency. This document / communication / presentation does not constitute the distribution of any information or the making of any offer of solicitation by anyone in any jurisdiction in which such distribution or offer is not authorised or to any person to whom it is unlawful to distribute such document or to make any offer or solicitation.

The listing of Unit Trusts above does not take in to account the investment objectives or financial situation of any particular person. Prior to entering in to a transaction, prospective investors should consult with their own legal, tax, financial, accounting and such other advisors to the extent they consider necessary, and make their own investment, hedging and trading decisions (including decisions regarding the suitability of the transaction) based on their own judgment and advice from those advisors. Investors should also read the relevant prospectus / offer documents (which are available upon request at branches of Citibank Singapore Limited) before investing in any Unit Trusts. All applications for Unit Trusts are subject to Terms and Conditions specific and must be made on the application forms accompanying the prospectus or otherwise prescribed by the issuer.

Investment products are not deposits, are not subject to the provisions of the Deposit Insurance Act and Policy Owners' Protection Schemes Act 2011 of Singapore, nor eligible for deposit insurance coverage under the Deposit Insurance Scheme.

Investment products are not available to U.S. persons and may not be available in all jurisdictions.

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