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Understanding Your Wealth Needs

Citi’s Total Wealth Fact Finder (TWFF) is our tool to start a meaningful conversation with you.

The Total Wealth Fact Finder allows us to have a holistic understanding of your personal information and wealth needs by integrating your financial analysis into one single tool which:

  1. Reviews your financial situation
  2. Establishes your objectives and priorities
  3. Assesses your knowledge, experience, and risk profile

With that, your Relationship Manager can recommend a wealth strategy that best meets your needs and objectives. As your needs evolve, it is important to meet your Relationship Manager for regular reviews to ensure your objectives are reassessed periodically and where required, rebalance your portfolio and/or review your insurance plans. As TWFF is valid for only 12 months, we highly recommend that you perform a yearly review of your TWFF.

Speak to your Relationship Manager today to find out more.