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Books With Your Child

Inculcating the good habit of reading in early childhood can go a long way in shaping your child’s personality. From language and vocabulary development, honing of imaginative skills to gaining knowledge, the benefits of reading are diverse. It is important to help your child develop active reading habits because reading is the cornerstone of all learning.

For book lovers, it is a challenge to instill the love of reading in your child especially with the many modern distractions of today. Children nowadays can find many ways to keep themselves occupied but none of the modern day distractions can truly come close to reading a good book. Sharing a good read with your child is a magical moment that can open up endless benefits like encouraging creativity, boosting confidence, and developing self-learning abilities.

Here are some tips from Julia Gabriel Centre to encourage the development of good reading habits in your child.

  • Enjoying a shared moment
  • Reading to your child enhances all the skills and perceptions she needs for reading. Remember, a child understands and appreciates far more than she can independently read. Sharing stories and poetry with your child immerses her in print conventions, rich vocabulary and sentence structures she will encounter in later reading experiences.

  • Creating a reading environment
  • Research has shown that children that are brought up in a literacy rich environment read at an earlier age. Fill your home with books, magazines, and newspapers. Even if your child can’t read it, she will see how valued reading and the written word is.

  • Making a story come to life
  • Regularly make time to share books, stories and poetry with your child. This will make a huge difference to her motivation to read. Read with drama and excitement to bring the story to life. Use different voices for different characters in the story. Use your child’s name instead of a character’s name. Make puppets and use them to act out a story.

  • Finding that perfect book
  • Your child’s interest may change from time to time as they grow, so follow their lead. Take your child shopping for books. If your child is interested in comics, even comics could be a good introduction to reading. If so, encourage her to explore comics as a first step, then use this interest to stretch her from picture books to chapter books!

  • Setting a good example
  • As your child’s number one role model, she will follow your lead. If you are an avid reader, it is likely she will be too. Use everyday experiences to read together. For example when following a recipe, read it out loud. Read signs on the street and in public places. This is a great way to boost the confidence of an emergent reader.

  • Listening to your child read
  • As you listen to your child, remember that your reactions are important. Above all, listen without interrupting. Be enthusiastic and praise your child as often as you can. Be specific with your praise so that your child knows exactly what she is doing well.

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