Responsible Finance.

Responsible Finance.

Citi's approach to Corporate Citizenship

Our approach to Corporate Citizenship is part of the unifying idea of Responsible Finance. The purpose is to make sure our actions are in the interests of our clients, create economic value and are systemically responsible.

Citi focuses on putting the full force of our businesses, resources, products, philanthropy and people to work to improve the communities in which we do business and to protect the natural environment on which we all depend.

Our social responsibilities are an integral part of Citi's business operations, as we recognise that this is an equally important way for us to help improve the quality of life for the people in our community.

Citi Singapore's Corporate Citizenship

As part of our commitment to Responsible Finance, we seek to serve the community by being an efficient and responsible bank, by making a positive difference through our business, philanthropy and people.

It is how we do business.
It is how we provide philanthropic giving and funding where our commitment is.
It is how we encourage our staff to give of their funds, time and effort to make an impact.

Citi Singapore's citizenship priorities are financial education, youth education, philanthropy and employee volunteerism.

Citi Singapore CSR Awards


Citi Singapore was named the Best Community Developer in Singapore 2011 by Singapore Compact.

It was the second year Singapore Compact presented the prestigious CSR awards to top organisations with responsible business practices and best-in-class stakeholder engagement to achieve long-term sustainability of the business.