A new level of security.

A new level of security.

At Citibank, we are always trying to make your banking experience easier and more convenient. With that in mind, we are proud to introduce the new paper statement for Citibank Credit Card and Citibank Ready Credit Customers.

The new paper statement packs all the useful information regarding your account in a clean, easy to read and understandable manner. The latest additions include:

  • Your Bills Summary

    A quick summary of all your bills in the billing period.

  • Rewards Summary

    A rewards summary will appear on your statement if you participate in one of our rewards programs.

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How to make payment

You can choose to pay:

  • Minimum amount due as indicated on your statement of accounts
  • Full outstanding amount as indicated on your statement of accounts
  • Any amount between the minimum and full amounts.

Do note that interest charges will be levied unless a full payment is received.

To avoid any late charges and to maintain a good credit rating, ensure your payment is made before the payment due date.

Citibank Online

If you have a Citibank savings account, you can transfer funds directly to your Credit Card. If you do not have a Citibank savings account, you can use our Inbound Funds Transfer feature. This feature allows you to transfer funds from your accounts in other banks to pay your Citibank Credit Card bill.

Both Citibank Online and Citi Mobile support the features above.

24-Hour Citicard Banking Centers

Payment can also be made at our 24 hour Citicard Banking Centres. Simply use the feature on our Cash Deposit Machines which allow you to make cash payment to your Citibank Credit Card bill.

Interbank GIRO Service

You make also arrange for your monthly Statement of accounts to be settled through Interbank GIRO Services. We will automatically transfer funds from your Citibank or other bank's savings/current account to pay your monthly Credit Cards bills.

AXS Stations

You can make payment for your Citibank Credit Card at AXS Stations conveniently located island wide.

Mail your Check

Just write your card account number on the back of the check and send it along with the statement payment coupon, to:

Citibank Singapore Limited,
Item Processing Unit,
Robinson Road,
P.O. Box 355,
Singapore 900705

Click here to download the Business Reply Envelope.

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