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APPLY NOW Citibank Ready Credit, Fast Loans for Your Cash Needs
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Citibank Ready Credit PayLite

Welcome offer: Promotional interest rate of 4.55% p.a. (EIR 8.50% p.a.)


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Lower Interest of 1.663% per month

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Faster, most flexible credit line with credit limit up to 4X your monthly income

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Shop with Citibank Ready Credit Card

  • Shop and get 1% Cash Rebate on all online and retail purchases.
  • Transact Securely Online.
  • Contactless Purchases.


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ATM Services

  • Withdraw cash at over 1.4 million ATMs locally and overseas.
  • Click here for ATM locations
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Convenient Bill Payment

Pay your bills online, securely and conveniently.

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Balance Transfer

Get more savings when you transfer outstanding balances on any other bank's credit card or credit line to your Citibank Ready Credit account.

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Cheque Book

Pay anyone conveniently with your free cheque book.

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Help me calculate my savings
Usage Amount
Citibank Ready Credit Interest Rate (p.a)

19.95% p.a

Other Bank's Credit Card Interest Rate (p.a.)

25% p.a

Citibank Ready Credit Interest payable (for 30 days)
Credit Card Interest payable (for 30 days)
Total Savings
*Figures have been simplified for illustrative purposes.

21 years old & above

Minimum annual income of S$30,000

Minimum annual income to qualify is S$42,000

Salaried employee:

A copy of your NRIC/passport, latest original computerized payslip or Tax Notice of Assessment or last 12 months CPF statement.


A copy of your NRIC/passport, last 2 years' Income Tax Notice of Assessment and last 3 months' bank statements.


A copy of your passport and work permit, a copy of utility or telephone bill or bank statement with applicant's name and address, Income Tax Notice of Assessment and latest original computerised payslip.

Annual fee:

S$80 (First year annual fee waived)

Interest, Other Fees and Charges:

Citibank Ready Credit

How do I apply for Citibank Ready Credit?

You can apply online, call 6363 6666 or visit any Citibank branches.

What are the requirements?

All applicants must be aged 21 years and above.

Minimal annual income for Main Applicant to qualify for:

Citibank Ready Credit

S$30,000 for Singaporeans and PRs

S$42,000 for foreigners

For Salaried Employee, please enclose:

Past 12 months' CPF statement, submitted via
(Note: you will need your SingPass to gain access)

Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment and latest original computerized payslip

For Self Employed, Commissioned or Variable Income Earner, please enclose:

Last 2 years' Income Tax Notice of Assessment and last 1% Cash Rebate' bank statements

For Foreigner, please enclose:

Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment and/or employment letter certifying employment and salary

Latest original computerised payslip

What is the maximum credit limit that can be approved?

The credit limit assigned to you will be up to 4X times your monthly income. For example, if your monthly income is S$3,000, you can be assigned a limit up to S$12,000 subject to approval.

How do I use my Citibank Ready Credit account?

Issue Cheques

Enjoy the convenience of having a free chequebook, which allows you to make payment to anyone.

Perform ATM Cash Withdrawals

Withdraw cash from over 1.4 million ATMs worldwide with your Citibank Ready Credit Card/ATM Card.

Make an Online Fund Transfer

Transfer funds from your Citibank Ready Credit account to any other bank account anytime, anywhere.

Pay for Purchases

Pay for your purchases at millions of merchants worldwide with the Citibank Ready Credit Card. Plus, enjoy 1% base cash rebate on all online and retail purchases.

Pay for Bills Online

You no longer have to queue up or make trips to different payment counters to pay your bills. With Citibank Ready Credit, you can manage your bill payments online, securely and conveniently.

Citibank Ready Credit PayLite

Draw a loan on your credit line and repay in fixed monthly instalments over a tenure of your choice: 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

Contactless Purchases

Speed through the checkout process with your contactless-enabled Citibank Ready Credit Card or mobile phone via
Citi Pay® / Samsung Pay

• Fast and secure and convenient

• Go cashless

• Tap to pay with your mobile phone. Find out more here.

How much can I use?

You can use up to your full approved credit limit assigned to your Citibank Ready Credit Account.

Can I get an increase in my credit limit if I am in need of more funds on a permanent basis?

Yes, you may request for a review of your permanent credit limit.

For Salaried Employees:

Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment AND latest computerized pay slip.

For Self-Employed, Commission and Variable Income Earners:

Last 2 years' Income Tax Notice of Assessment.

*Please note that should your income documents reflect a lower earned income than what was previously declared, Citibank will have to adjust your current credit limit downwards to reflect your current income.

Are there any minimum repayments each month?

You only need to pay a minimum of S$45 or 3% of the outstanding amount in the account each month, whichever is higher. If the outstanding amount is less than S$45, the minimum payment amount shall be equivalent to the outstanding amount.

How do I make the payments?

By cash or cheque either at our branches or through our ATMs.

By sending your cheque by post to Robinson Road PO Box 1272, Singapore 902522. The Cheque should be payable to "Citibank Singapore Ltd". Please write your Citibank Ready Credit account number on the back of your cheque.

At any AXS stations in Singapore, available 24/7. Payment made on weekdays or Saturdays before 8pm will be credited into your Ready Credit account on the same day.

At any SAM or SAMPLUS machine.

What must I do if I would like to repay in full what I have drawn?

Please contact our 24/7 CitiPhone Banking Hotline at 6225 5225 to find out the exact amount outstanding in your account if you want to repay in full.

How is interest calculated?

As long as you have an outstanding balance in your account, interest is calculated daily based on the outstanding debit balance at the end of each day.
A minimum interest charge of S$5.00 per month applies if you have any outstanding debit balance within the month.

How do I obtain a new chequebook once my cheques run out?

A new chequebook will automatically be mailed to you before your current cheques run out. If you need a chequebook urgently, please request one through Citiphone Banking at 6225 5225.

Are there any fees to pay?

The annual fee is S$80.

Where are the Citibank branches & ATMs?

Click here for the location of all Citibank branches and ATMs.

Terms & Conditions:Terms & Conditions:

  • Click here for Citibank Ready Credit Customer’s Agreement.