Get organized with Citibank Ready Credit One Bill.

Get organized with Citibank Ready Credit One Bill.

Why pay multiple bills when you can just pay One-Bill?

If you are a busy working professional and you find paying bills every month a hassle, then One Bill is perfect for you! Say goodbye to writing cheques, queuing in line and overdue bills!

One Bill is a free, automatic bill payment service that allows you to consolidate all your monthly tax, utility and telecommunication bills onto your Citibank Ready Credit account.


  • Have all your bills paid on time
  • Organize multiple bills into one easy to read Citibank Ready Credit statement
  • No need to worry about late bill payments No need to make trips to different payment counters
  • No need to wait in queue at payment machines
How to Apply

Click here to download the Citibank Ready Credit One Bill application form.