Secure online bill payment.

Secure online bill payment.

Citibank Ready Credit is created with your convenience in mind. With easy to manage online payments, you're always in control.

You can perform your online transactions in the comfort of your home or on the go, quickly and securely. Experience the freedom to pay your bills or transfer funds online anytime, anywhere from your Citibank Ready Credit account.

Enhancing online security has always been our priority. At Citibank, we are committed to making Citibank Online a secured banking environment for you against online fraud. In order to add a new billing organization, an Online Security Device (OSD) is required. If you do not have an OSD, click here for more details.

  • No more waiting in queues at payment machines to pay your monthly bills.
  • No more having to make trips down to different payment counters to pay your monthly bills.
  • No more having to sign numerous cheques to pay your monthly bills and mail them later.