Before Leaving Home.

Before Leaving Home.
Find out general information about Singapore - our founding years, our culture and of course our people. Citi guides you in each step from financial matters to education and healthcare amenities, to make relocating a painless experience for you.

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Entry requirements

Before coming to Singapore, you need to fulfill the visa requirements for the travel documents you hold to enter the country. For details, please visit the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore website.

Global Excellence

The education industry in Singapore thrives by focusing on meritocratic principle, thus ensuring that all citizens receive equal educational opportunities for all, regardless of race, religion and financial status. In fact, according to IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2011, Singapore was ranked among the top 3 in the world for its educational system.

  NTU ( Management Development Institute of S'pore
  NUS ( Marketing Institute of S'pore (
  SMU ( PSB Academy (
  uniSIM ( SAA Global Education (
  SIT ( Singapore Institute of Management (
  SUTD ( University of Chicago Booth School of Business

In addition, there are polytechnics and over 300 private institutions offering a large variety of courses including language and professional programmes from design to biomedical science.

Foreign-system (or international) schools in Singapore may offer an education pathway and curriculum that are similar to those in their home country. This is especially beneficial if your children have been educated in a language other than English. Each school has its own admission criteria.

The quality of schooling here is considered to be one of the best in the world with its system and textbooks being adopted and adapted by many other countries.

Most primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges accept international students. Annual admissions are conducted in September October. For more information on entry to public schools, please visit Ministry of Education website.


World-class healthcare system

Singapore is the region's centre for medical excellence. It has one of the finest medical facilities in the world, with private and public hospitals for tertiary services; and specialist clinics, which cater to different patient needs.

Primary services are widely available and patients can walk into any private medical clinics or any polyclinics for consultation.

For emergency services or afterhours treatment, Accident & Emergency Departments in most hospitals and private clinics are available for you at any hour.

Prescriptions can be fulfilled at pharmacies within hospitals and at clinics and private pharmacies. For operating hours, please visit the respective sites for an updated schedule.

For ambulance service, dial 995.

Singapore has numerous public hospitals, a woman's and children's hospital and a psychiatry hospital.

Here's a list of public hospitals and centres.

  General Medical Facilities
  Alexandra Hospital Polyclinics SingHealth
  Changi General Hospital Singapore General Hospital
  National University Hospital Tan Tock Seng Hospital
  NHG Polyclinics  
  Major Private Hospitals Major Private Medical Centres
  Mount Elizabeth Hospital Camden Medical Centre
  Gleneagles Hospital and Medical Centre Thomson Medical Centre
  Mount Alvernia Hospital and Medical Centre Novena Medical Centre
  Raffles Hospital Johns Hopkins Singapore International Medical Centre

You should check your health insurance benefits with your potential employer if you are in the process of relocating to Singapore. As a foreigner, you are exempted from CPF contributions but this also means that you do not have access to the government's subsidized health insurance scheme.

The good news is that day-to-day healthcare services are quite affordable in Singapore even if you don't have any health insurance. However you must think about your health insurance options to handle any critical illnesses for yourself and your family.

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