The new Citi Mobile® App

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  • The new Citi Mobile® App secure and seamless login, in a touch

    Citi Mobile® App

    With the new Citi Mobile® App, you are in control of your finances even while on the move. Transfer funds, pay bills, view your account balances and access the latest promotions.


    The new Citi Mobile® App is loaded with features to make banking on the move a hassle-free experience.

      What's New

    Touch ID™ Login
    iPhone users can sign in to the Citi Mobile® App quickly and securely with their fingerprint. FAQ

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      Key Features

    1. Download the Citi Mobile® App

    If you are reading this on your smartphone,

    Click here to download the Citi Mobile® App directly.

    Alternatively, you can download the app via one of the following methods:

    • Search for “CitiBank SG” in the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone; or
    • SMS “CITIMOB” to 72484 to get the download link from us.

    Login to Citi Mobile® with your existing Citibank Online User ID and Password.

    • Don’t have login credentials? Create them directly on the Citi Mobile® App.
    2. Register for a User account using Citi Mobile® App
    General FAQs
    Touch ID™ FAQs

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    Touch ID is a feature that enables login authentication based on fingerprints stored on your Apple iphone device; which is an alternative login mechanism to Citi’s User ID and Password.

    This feature is available on Apple Mobile Phone Models 5S and newer. Android devices are not supported currently.

    Your fingerprint information is stored on your Apple device's Secure Element. Once you enable Touch ID as a login method for your Citi Mobile® App, an encrypted token is created and stored in Citi Mobile® App and our Citi system. No login information is stored on the Citi Mobile® App

    Citi Mobile® App will automatically prompt you to enable Touch ID with a pop-up

    Step 1: Sign in to your account using your registered User ID and password

    Step 2: Click 'Yes' to accept the pop up prompting your enrollment for Touch ID

    Step 3: Tick in the box to 'Allow my User ID to be stored' and select 'Enable' to activate Touch ID

    Step 4: To verify your identity, you will need to enter the OTP triggered to your registered mobile as an SMS

    Step 5: Touch ID has been successfully 'Activated'. Push the 'continue' to proceed

    1. Click on the menu button on the main page

    2. From the left hand navigation panel, select 'Settings'

    3. Click on'Enable/ Disable Touch ID™ censor

    4. Select the 'Disable' button and reactivate login by keying in your UserID and password

    Enrollment of Touch ID Sensor for Citi Mobile® App is valid for 45 days. If you have not logged into the Citi Mobile® App by manually entering the password, Touch ID Sensor will be disabled for Citi Mobile® App. This will not impact any other Touch ID Enrollment you have on your device.

    Touch ID recognizes all fingerprints registered in your device. For security reasons, we recommend that you do not register third party finger prints in your device. This is to protect not just your Citibank account but the rest of your personal details in your phone.

    No, Touch ID sensor will not work if the service provider has changed in the overseas country.

    Changing the mobile number will not disable Touch ID sensor as long as SIM card and the service provider remains the same.

    There are a few reasons why your Touch ID may have been turned off:

    • You have changed your service provider
    • You have recently changed your User ID or Password
    • You have not logged into your Citi Mobile® App by entering your password for the past 45 days
    • You might have changed your SIM card
    • Your online account is locked because you have exceeded the maximum number of password tries
    • You have entered the wrong OTP when signed on for 3 times
    • You have enabled Touch ID sensor for your account on a different device
    • Your Citibank User ID is deleted in our system

    Push Notification

    When you enroll in Citi Mobile® Snapshot, you can view the balances for your Checking, Savings, Ready Credit and Credit Cards accounts without entering your User ID and Password every time. You need only refresh and enter your password from time to time, every 45 days. For added protection, we recommend you secure your mobile device with a password.

    It's simple. Login, go to the app 'Settings' and enable Citi Mobile Snapshot

    At the moment, you will not be able to customize accounts to view.

    No, Snapshot function is not available on Citibank Online and mobile browser.

    For Android Users: Once you call your service provider to disable the SIM Card, Snapshot will be automatically disabled.
    For Android and IPhone Users:

    • Changing your Citibank Online User ID and Password will disable Snapshot.
    • Enrolling in a new device will disable Snapshot in your lost mobile phone.

    We value our customers privacy and security, so we will automatically disable your Snapshot after 45 days if you have not logged into your Citi Mobile® App.

    Yes, you can use Snapshot in your tablet as long your tablet has a service provider and SIM Card associated with it.

    There are a few reasons why Snapshot may have been turned off:

    • A change in your service provider
    • You have recently changed your User ID or Password
    • Someone else has used your Snapshot enabled devise to log in to their account
    • You have not logged into your Citi Mobile® App for the past 45 days
    • You changed your SIM card
    • Your Online account is locked because you exceeded the number of password entry attempts
    • You entered the wrong OTP 6 times when signed on.

    No, Snapshot if the service provider changes when you are overseas.

    Snapshot will be linked with your Primary SIM card. As long as Primary SIM card is available in the phone then Snapshot will work. Please note Snapshot will be disabled if the service provider has changed.

    Changing your mobile number will not disable Snapshot as long as the SIM card and service provider remains the same.

    For Android devices, Snapshot will be disabled when your SIM card is changed.

    For iPhone, changing the SIM card will not disable Snapshot.

    Yes, Snapshot will be disabled if you change your service provider; even if the phone number remains the same.

    You can view the balances of the following accounts in Snapshot:

    • Checking accounts
    • Savings accounts
    • Ready Credit accounts
    • Credit Card accounts

    To view the rest if your account balances, just log in to your Citi Mobile® App with your User ID and Password.

    You can turn off Snapshot by signing on to your mobile app and disabling it using the 'Settings' option

    You will need to own the following accounts to use Snapshot:

    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Ready Credit
    • Credit Cards

    In addition, you will need to have a:

    • Valid mobile phone number registered with Citi
    • Citibank Online account
    • Valid SIM card and network service provider

    To enable Snapshot, the User ID needs to be rememebered by the device as it is one of the authentication parameters for using Snapshot

    General FAQs
    • Citi Mobile® Snapshot
    • View 150 latest transactions for all your accounts.
    • Ease of searching for specific transactions based on dates, amount or transaction type (transactions made in last 3 months)
    • Reset ATM PIN
    • Add stocks to your Watchlist
    • Faster access to functions via the Quick Task Menu

    You cannot customize your quick task menu as it is predetermined.

    For Android users, the daily currency update will be downloaded onto your mobile phone as a separate document in pdf format .

    For IPhone users, the document will be displayed in your browser.

    You can now change your ATM, Debit and/or Credit card PIN on the go using your Citi Mobile® App

    Going forward customers are required to choose the source of fund (SOF) account first and then based on the selected SOF, the destination account will be displayed.

    Here are the new capabilities introduced:

    • Search transaction using Date (Up to 150 transactions performed in the last 3 months)
    • Search transactions using Amount
    • Search transaction using Transaction type

    You will be able to see 150 transactions for each account

    For your convenience, our app can remember up to 5 user names for your ease of logging in.

    Yes you can delete your remembered User ID by following the steps below:

    From the main log in page, click on the right of the remembered User ID field

    Click on <Edit> button

    Then click on the red trash icon button and select <Yes> to forget your User ID


    Citi Mobile® Snapshot – the smarter way to check your balances.

    • Real time update on your balances instantly.
    • View all your accounts with Citi, from Checking, Savings, Ready Credit to Credit Cards.
    • Without the hassle of entering your User ID and Password every time you view it.

    Get your account overview instantly. Here's how to
    enable Citi Mobile® Snapshot in your Citi Mobile® app now.

    Open the Citi Mobile® app in your mobile phone.
    Tap on the Menu button on the top left corner.
    Tap on 'Settings' on the top left corner.
    Enable Snapshot

    Click here to read Snapshot FAQs.


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    Apple Store

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    Terms and Conditions:Terms and Conditions:

    Citi Mobile® Terms and Conditions

    For payments and transfers via Citi Mobile, the payee will first have to be added on Citibank Online and activated with an Online Authorisation Code (OAC). All payments and transfers are subject to the Citibank Online User Agreement. Some or all of the services (including payments and transfers) that may be accessed through Citi Mobile or Citibank Online may not be available during our scheduled maintenance times. In the event of such unavailability, you may call our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at 6225 5225 or visit a Citibank branch to conduct your banking transactions. Citibank exercises no control and assumes no responsibility for any delay, misconnection, variation in response times and connectivity of any Internet Service Provider (whether local or overseas) through which access to Citi Mobile and/or Citibank Online is effected. Citibank full disclaimers, terms and conditions apply to individual products and banking services.