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The faster route to your banking needs

  • Say Hi to Citi Bot SG on Facebook Messenger The faster route to your banking needs

    You used to call us on the phone. Now, you can chat with us on Facebook Messenger.

    Citi Bot SG is a new way for you to connect with us via Facebook Messenger. Chat with Citi Bot SG to get instant replies to your banking enquiries and account related transactions.

    Citi Bot SG is the faster route to:

    Check Your Citibank Account Balances

    Check Your Account Balances

    View Your Recent Transactions

    View Your Recent Transactions

    Retrieve Your Card Bill Summary

    Retrieve Your Card Bill Summary

    Access Your Rewards Points Balance

    Access Your Rewards Points Balance

    Get Instant Replies From Citi Bot For Your Banking Enquiries

    Get Instant Replies To Common
    Banking Enquiries


    Looking for Citi Bot SG?


    Use Facebook Messanger for Citi Bot

    Tap "Send Message" button on the Citi Singapore Facebook Page.

    Citi Singapore Facebook Page
    • Get Started with Citi Bot1. Tap "Get Started"
    • Login to Citi Bot2. Log-in
    • Register to Citi Bot3. Register
    • Enroll with Citi Bot4. Enter OTP
      & Complete Entrollment
    • Get Started with Citi Bot5. Start Chatting

    Your information is safe with us.

    All transmission of messages between the Citi network and Facebook are encrypted as per Citi and Facebook's Information Security standards.

    Friendly reminder:

    Please do not reveal personal information like your identification number, bank account number and passwords in Facebook Messenger.

    1. What is Citi Bot SG about?

    The future of Citi is about being where our customers are and servicing them in simple language. Facebook Messenger is one of the largest conversation platforms in the world and Citi Bot SG allows us to have a conversation with our customers via Facebook Messenger in real time, 24/7, to better meet their needs.

    2. What can I do with Citi Bot SG?

    Citi Bot SG answers your enquires related to Citi credit cards, checking, and savings accounts. Citi Bot SG’s initial service capabilities include:

    • Account Balance
    • Transaction History
    • Rewards Balance
    • Card Payment Information

    While Citi Bot SG is currently unable to provide you with information regarding your ready credit, investments or mortgage loans with us, we aim to improve Citi Bot SG based on your feedback and introduce new features over time, thus saving you a call to our contact centre or a commute to our branches.

    3. Am I conversing with a human or robot?

    Citi Bot SG is not human, but is designed by humans. We are continually finding innovative ways to serve you faster than ever - this may mean that virtual robots (in this case, Citi Bot SG) can be more effective when conversing with you.

    4. Do I have to download a new app for this?

    No. Citi Bot SG operates within the Facebook Messenger app. As long as you’re logged in on the Facebook Messenger App, you can use the Citi Bot SG for your banking-related enquiries.

    5. How do I get started?

    Initiate a chat with Citi Bot SG and type "Log in" or "Get Started." Enrolment takes less than five minutes. You will be required to enter:

    i) Last 4-digits of your Citi Credit Card, Debit Card or ATM Card

    ii) Your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

    iii) Your registered primary mobile number registered with Citi Singapore on a Citi-hosted page which we provide to you through Citi Bot SG. In order to complete your enrolment, you will be prompted to enter a One-Time PIN (OTP). Your card details, date of birth, and registered primary phone number are not visible to Facebook unless you have chosen to share this information on your Facebook account.

    By enrolling for Citi Bot SG, you authorize us to send you messages related to our product and services and/or your product holdings with Citi through Facebook Messenger to all devices logged into your Messenger account.

    Currently, we don't support registration for supplementary card holders.

    6. How can I de-enrol my account from Citi Bot SG?

    We would love for you to stay with us as Citi Bot SG grows with your banking needs. However, if you wish to leave at any time, just type “Logout” into the Facebook Messenger window.

    7. I’m having trouble registering for Citi Bot SG with Facebook Messenger. What should I do?

    i. Please ensure you have input the correct details for registration as per the bank's records.

    ii. Registration is allowed only through the primary card holder's card number. Supplementary card holder registration is currently not supported.

    iii. You may have exceeded the limit of allowed attempts. To ensure the security of this service, users are allowed a maximum of 3 registration attempts. Should you require immediate assistance, please contact us.

    8. Why does Citi Bot SG not understand what I am saying?

    Citi Bot SG is still young. Using Citi Bot SG and adding feedback helps Citi Bot SG to learn constantly and get smarter every day! To send us feedback, tap on “Manage” at the upper right hand corner and select “Send Feedback” on the dropdown menu.

    9. How often will I be required to login and refresh my credentials?

    You are only required to register the first time you use Citi Bot SG. This is to establish a connection between your Citi account and Facebook ID.

    10. How do I delete a conversation?

    To delete the conversation:

    1. Launch the Facebook Messenger app
    2. If you are an iOS user, swipe left on the conversation you would like to delete.
      If you are an Android user, hold down the conversation panel to open up a menu.

    3. Tap ‘Delete’ and confirm.

    This will only delete messages from your Messenger Inbox. Citi will retain the chat history in line with Citi's data retention policies. For the latest instructions on how to delete your conversations on Messenger, whether on your desktop or mobile browser, please visit Facebook's Help Centre for more details.

    11. What if I have a question about my Facebook or Facebook Messenger Account?

    If you have any queries related to Facebook or Facebook Messenger, please refer to Facebook.

    12. How safe is Citi Bot SG instant messaging?

    Your privacy is our priority at Citi. We adopt security barriers such as One-Time Pin (OTP) to ensure your data stays private. All conversations between you and Citi Bot SG are private and will not be shared.

    For more information regarding privacy and security of Citi Bot SG, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

    13. Will Citi share, sell or disclose my personal information?

    Citi will only collect, use and disclose your personal data for purposes stated in Citi’s Privacy Policy. We value your privacy and will work with you to keep your personal information safe.

    14. Where is the information shared in conversations with Citi Bot SG stored?

    Your information is safe with us. Citi Bot SG operates on the Facebook Messenger platform and adheres to both Citi’s and Facebook's Information Security standards.

    For more information regarding privacy and security of Citi Bot SG, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

    If you have any queries related to Facebook or Facebook Messenger, please refer to Facebook.

    15. Does Citi Bot SG work with third parties or intend to spam me as a result of my conversation with Citi Bot SG?

    Citi Bot SG will never send you spam. You will never receive messages that are not related to Citi’s products and services or your relationship with Citi, with the exception of general conversational messages between you and Citi Bot SG. For more information regarding how Citi works with third parties, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

    16. Is Citi Bot SG going to ask me for personal data?

    Citi Bot SG will never ask you for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as your identification number, passwords, and bank account numbers. In the unlikely event you encounter such an anomaly, please refrain from giving out any personal information and call our CitiPhone hotline (6225 5225) immediately for further assistance. For more information on terms of use, please visit our Terms & Conditions.

    17. Can I use my Internet Banking security device or mobile token for verification?

    We presently only accept SMS OTP as a means to verify your identity.

    18. Definitions
    • “Citi” refers to Citibank Singapore Limited.
    • “Citi Bot SG” refers to Citi Bot SG, a chatbot service application that enables you to query your basic account information through your Facebook Messenger. The messages will appear in your Messenger conversation on all devices logged into your Facebook Messenger account.

    Terms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions

    Terms of Use for Citi Bot SG

    By enrolling for and using Citi Bot, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use (as may be updated by Citi from time to time) ("Terms"). For the avoidance of doubt, Citi's terms and conditions (including the Global Consumer Banking Terms and Conditions and the relevant cardmember agreements) continue to apply to individual Citi products and banking services.


    • "Citi" refers to Citibank Singapore Limited.
    • "Citi Bot" refers to a chatbot service application that enables you to interact with Citi via the Facebook Messenger platform. Depending on the pre-agreed scope of Citi Bot services, you may obtain information about Citi and your Citi account and your exchanged messages with Citi will appear in your Facebook Messenger conversation on all devices logged into your Facebook Messenger account. The pre-agreed scope includes information about your Citi account e.g. account balances, credit card bill summary, rewards points balance and responses to frequently asked questions e.g. branch locations, branch/SWIFT codes etc (collectively referred to as "Information").

    Account Registration and Eligibility

    • You may enroll to use Citi Bot only if you have:
      • an existing Citi relationship with a valid credit card (excluding Citi commercial cards), debit card or ATM card issued to you by Citi ; and
      • a Facebook Messenger account

    Enrollment and De-enrollment

    • To enroll to use Citi Bot, please follow the instructions set out in our Citi Bot Registration Guide.
    • You may de-enroll from Citi Bot at any time by following the instructions set out in the same Citi Bot Registration Guide. You may re-enroll subsequently.
    • If you had not previously deleted your conversation history with Citi Bot from your Facebook Messenger prior to de-enrolling from Citi Bot, your prior conversations with the Citi Bot will be recalled and displayed upon re-enrollment.
    • For your security, it is recommended that you delete your conversations with Citi Bot from your Facebook Messenger account, after each chat session you have with Citi Bot.
    • For latest instructions on how to delete your conversations in Messenger, whether on your desktop or mobile browser, please visit Facebook's Help Center for more details. Note that deleting a message or your conversation history with Citi Bot from your Messenger account will only stop it from being displayed in your Messenger account upon reconnection. Your conversation history with Citi Bot will continue to be retained by Citi and Facebook in accordance with our respective data privacy policies.

    Privacy and Data usage

    • By interacting with us through Citi Bot, you authorize Citi to provide Information in response to your requests. Messages will be sent to your Facebook messenger account (which will appear on any device that you have that is logged into your Facebook Messenger account).
    • Any messages exchanged between us through Citi Bot will not only be collected and used by Citi in accordance with our Citi Privacy Policy, but will also be collected and used by Facebook in accordance with Facebook's Data Policy.
    • To delete the Information from the Citi Bot permanently, you should delete your Facebook account.


    • It is your responsibility to maintain the physical security of your devices and the confidentiality of the Information on your devices, including your Facebook account, Messenger and the Citi Bot.
    • You acknowledge that anyone with whom you share your devices, Facebook and/or Messenger credentials will be able to see all messages that you have exchanged with Citi via Citi Bot and the Information, including your conversation history through Messenger. Accordingly, Citi advises that you:
      • Keep your devices, your Facebook user ID and password and other credentials private and confidential;
      • Delete your Citi Bot conversation history regularly;
      • Refrain from sharing your devices which you use to access Facebook or Facebook Messenger with any third parties;
      • Always use available security and passcode lock features on your devices; and
      • Refrain from disclosing any sensitive personal information such as your account number, identification number, date of birth etc. in your Messenger conversation with Citi Bot;
    • You agree that you use Citi Bot at your own risk and that you shall not hold Citi liable for any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of your use of Citi Bot, including any unauthorized access to the Information.
    • In the event where you suspect fraudulent activity or unauthorized access to your personal devices, account and/or personal credentials you should immediately:
      • De-enroll your Citi Bot account (by de-registering, your access to Citi Bot on all devices will immediately be disabled ), however your chat history with the Citi Bot will remain until you delete it;
      • Change your Facebook login credentials (this action will log you out from all the devices that you are currently logged in on);Delete your conversation history with the Citi Bot in Messenger (this does not mean that the message exchanged with Citi on Citi Bot will be deleted from Facebook); and
      • Immediately notify Citi on the suspected fraudulent or abusive activity on your Citi Bot account.

    Third party agreements

    • Facebook, your mobile network provider and other third party services or sites incorporated in Messenger or linked to or through the Citi bot have their own terms and conditions and privacy policies and practices. Your use of Citi Bot may be subjected to these Third Party Agreements, give these third parties access to your personal information, or otherwise use their services (e.g. should you decide to add your Citi Card number and billing information to your Facebook account for purposes of purchases) or visit their respective websites. It is your responsibility to review and accept the applicable Third Party Agreements before using the Citi Bot.
    • Citi is not responsible for the security, accuracy, legality, appropriateness or any other aspect of the content or functions of Facebook, Messenger, your devices or any third party's products or services that may be incorporated or linkable through the Citi Bot.
    • We are not responsible for, and do not provide, any support or assistance for any third party hardware, software or other products or services. If you have any questions or issues with a third party product or service, please contact the appropriate third party in accordance with its procedures for customer support.
    • Should you have any enquiries or issues pertaining to Messenger (other than questions or issues specific to the use of the Citi Bot), please contact Facebook directly.
    • We do not currently charge a fee for your use of Citi Bot, although we reserve the right to do so in future with reasonable notice to you. You will be responsible for all fees that may be imposed by third parties in connection with your usage of Citi Bot (e.g. data usage charges imposed on you by network operator) and subjected to any restrictions they may impose on you.

    Changes to Terms of Use

    • Citi reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use from time to time and you are deemed to be aware of and bound by any of such changes by your continued use of the Citi Bot.
    • Citi will indicate the changes to these Terms of Use by updating the date indicated after "Last Modified:" at the beginning of these Terms of Use. If you do not accept any such changes, your sole and exclusive remedy is to disable your use of Citi Bot services.(see: "How can I de-enrol my account from Citi Bot?").
    • The Terms of Use are final and binding on all parties.


    • Use of the Citi Bot and these Terms of Use shall be subject to, governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore.
    • You agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.

    Last Modified: 19 July 2017