Banking at a touch of a button.

Banking at a touch of a button.

Access a wealth of banking functions at a touch of a button. Call our 24-Hour CitiPhone self-service banking at (65)6225 5225 to pay your bills, redeem rewards, check your account balance and more.

Follow the steps below to access the transactions you require:

Enjoy fast and easy access to all your banking needs now.

  • Dial 6225 5225
  • For Citibank Customer
  • Enter NRIC or ATM or Credit Card No.  +  #
  • Press

    1  Account Info. Online Authorization Code

    2  Fund Transfer. Bill Payment. FlexiGIRO

    3  Temporary Limit Increase, PIN Change

    4  Application Status, Rates. Citibank

    5  Balance Transfer. Rewards & other services

    6  Report a Lost Card

    *  +  0  Speak to a CitiPhone Officer

    *  Repeat Message