Refinance your mortgage.

Save on your interest payment.

Refinancing Home Loan in  Singapore

If you have an existing mortgage with another bank, you may want to take the opportunity to consider refinancing your home loan with us to get better savings if the following applies to you:

  • Lock-in period for your existing mortgage has passed.
  • You are currently paying an interest rate that is higher than the market rate.

Refinancing should be a decision driven by your financial goals in the short and long term. It should take into consideration your outlook on the interest rate environment, immediate costs of refinancing as well as interest savings benefits.

Refinance your mortgage in 4 steps:

  • Submit your loan application together with the required documents.
  • Receive the Letter of Offer (on approval of loan) for your signature.
  • Meet the lawyer to execute mortgage, CPF (if applicable) and any other documents. Legal and valuation fees are payable at this stage.
  • Get the Loan Disbursement Letter after 3 months from redemption notice date served by lawyer to the existing bank.
  • Wide range of interest rate packages
  • Flexibility to switch across SIBOR tenures
  • Instant access to our dedicated Mortgage Client Care team
For more details, contact our Mortgage Client Care team at +65 6238 8838 from Monday to Friday between 9am - 5pm.
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