Citibank Balance Transfer on your Credit Cards or Ready Credit account helps you shrink your interest payments and maximize your interest savings substantially.

  • - 0% interest with low processing fee
  • - Flexibility in monthly repayment
Balance Transfer on Citibank Ready Credit

*Welcome Offer: 0% p.a interest for 6 months with 1.58%service fee with Citibank Balance Transfer

  • EIR 3.65% p.a. (Citibank Ready Credit)
  • EIR 3.65% p.a. (Citibank Credit Cards)

Eligible for new Citibank customers who apply for Citibank Ready Credit account with S$500 minimum loan amount


Interest Savings

For new Ready credit holder

Tenure (months) 6
Service Fee 1.58%
Effective Interest Rates (per annum) 3.65%

For new Citibank credit card holder

Tenure (months) 6
Service Fee 1.58%
Effective Interest Rates
(per annum)


Cash in hand for your investments, well-deserved holidays or pay off your outstanding balances with other banks.

Minimum Payment

For Ready Credit: If the current balance on your Citi Ready Credit (“CRC”) account, including minimum payment due under any Citibank instalment loan programs (“CRC Outstanding Balance”) is less than S$50, the minimum payment amount shall be equivalent to the current CRC Outstanding Balance. If the CRC Outstanding Balance is more than or equal to S$50, the minimum payment shall be the higher of:
(i) Sum of 1% of CRC outstanding balance plus minimum payment due under any Citibank instalment loan programs, plus all other interest charges and late payment charges; or
(ii) S$50. Any CRC Outstanding Balance due and unpaid in respect of earlier CRC statements shall be added to the minimum payment due and payable under any current CRC statement.

For Credit Card:
Current Balance Minimum Payment
S$0 to <S$50 Current Balance
>=S$50 The minimum payment amount is specified in your statement of account and is computed by taking greater of –
(a) (i) 1% of the current balance; plus
(ii) 1% of any outstanding unbilled instalment amounts; plus
(iii) all interest charges (including interest charged under our instalment plans); plus
(iv) all upfront service fees for our instalment plans; plus
(v) late payment charges;
(b) S$50;
plus any overdue amounts.

Offer is subject to approval.

Citibank Ready Credit Balance Transfer Program Terms and Conditions apply.

Citibank Credit Cards Balance Transfer Program Terms and Conditions apply.

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