Investment portfolio.

Maximise the potential.

Investment portfolio. Maximise the potential.

With Citibank, you have a strong team of analysts and banking professionals that dedicates its knowledge and commitment to delivering the best for your investments:

Our Team

No matter what your goals are, you will find someone in Citibank who will be able to help you work towards achieving them. When you entrust your wealth with us, you establish a strong partnership with a world leader in financial services. Our extensive team of specialists in the fields of banking, financial planning, risk management, investment and treasury will tap into global networks and research on optimal strategies to assist you in meeting your financial goals. Our Team of Specialists also constantly strives to maximise the benefits of a truly global open architecture in products and services to present you with innovative and effective financial solutions.


At Citigold, every conversation is about you.

Our priority is to begin a relationship with you on the right note. As a Citigold client, you can indicate your preferences for a Relationship Manager who is most suited to manage your portfolio.

We will then evaluate your preferences and needs and handpick a Relationship Manager who will partner a team of Investments, Insurance, Treasury and Housing Loan specialists. Together, they will work with you regularly to review your portfolio and provide advice and solutions that meet your diverse wealth management needs.

Citibank Online

We understand your need for convenient, hassle-free banking. That is why as a Citibank customer, you will be able to manage your banking and control your finances with Citibank Online (Internet Banking). You have banking at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere:

Welcome to Citibank Online, your instant access to faster, easier, more convenient banking which leaves you more time for other enriching things that matter to you.

Log on to with your card and PIN anytime, anywhere to access to a full suite of banking and investment services to suit your every need.

Your Banking Needs:

  • Ease of transferring funds instantly to overseas destinations via Citibank Global Transfers
  • Transfer funds with ease to local destinations - Stay in control of your account balances
  • Organise your finances with your Citibank Electronic Statements
  • Use Inbound Funds Transfers (from your accounts in other banks in Singapore) to pay your Citibank credit card/Ready Credit bills

Invest Online:

Trade Faster and Smarter with Citibank Brokerage

Citibank Brokerage is a premium stock trading account that offers you the most powerful and simple way of gaining instant access to your funds and stock holdings and allows you to take advantage of different market opportunities

Key Benefits:

  • A stock trading account that offers you a powerful and yet simple way to take advantage of market opportunities.
  • Instantly see all your available funds and stock holdings, without having to check your banking and trading account separately.
  • Instant access to your funds. When your US sell order is executed, you can immediately use the sale proceeds to make another buy trade.
  • Your trading account is linked to an interest bearing cash account which will be automatically debited/credited for your trade settlement.
  • Award winning Smith Barney Citigroup Equity Research, which gives you insights on markets and companies.
  • 7 and 30 days "Good Till Date" instructions available for the Singapore and US markets respectively.
  • Trade in the US and Singapore stock markets

Citibank Online Investment Services:

  • Enjoy instant access to market opportunities anytime, anywhere
  • Establish and manage your local and foreign currency Time Deposits
    • Get bonus interest rates when you establish your Premium Accounts online
    • Reap greater cost savings with attractive Foreign exchange rates
    • View all your investments at a glance
    • Receive instant confirmation on all your online transactions

Other Citibank Online Features:

  • Access your accounts at your own convenience
  • View your accounts and monitor your spending and investments
  • Transfer funds and pay your bills to anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Raise your credit limit, redeem your CitiDollars
  • View interest rates