20% off Car Insurance Premiums with AXA SmartDrive*

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SmartDrive Motor Insurance

  • Additional 15% off premiums with the AXA Premium Workshop^ Scheme.
  • Instant Motor Insurance Coverage.
  • 3 Plan options to meet your needs.

^ Applicable for Comprehensive Cover


20% off Car Insurance Premiums with AXA SmartDrive*


Why Smartdrive?

  • Instant Motor Insurance coverage
  • Full market value reimbursement of your car in the event of a total loss due to theft or severe damage
  • 24 hour AXA Claims and Emergency Assistance Hotline
  • Instant premium savings of 15% with AXA Premium Workshop^ Scheme to enjoy:
    • Reduction of own damage excess
    • Free 24 hour accident towing service
    • 9 months warranty on repair
    • Enhanced Personal Accident coverage for the insured up to S$30,000
  • Additional windscreen cover at no extra cost^
  • Covers accidental loss or damage to your car due to flood and other acts of nature^
Coverage Plan Options
Comprehensive Third Party, Fire & Theft Third Party Only
For your Car
Repair or replace your vehicle, spare parts and accessories for accidental loss or damage due to:      
i) all insured perils    
ii) fire or theft only *  
Unlimited windscreen coverage with no excess (No Claim Discount shall not be affected)    
Towing cost of up to S$500 to move vehicle to the nearest repairer within the country *  
For You
Loss of use benefit of S$50 per day after accident
(applicable if repair is four (4) or more days)
Savings, value and convenience from AXA Premium Workshop Scheme
  • 15% instant premium savings
  • Reduction of own damage excess: 0% to 40% NCD - Excess Halved, 50% NCD - NIL Excess
  • Flexibility to select accident repairs at any AXA Preferred Workshop
  • Free 24 hours accident towing service
  • 9 months warranty on repair
  • Enhanced Personal Accident of up to S$30,000 for all named drivers
  • Up to S$3,000 for loss of personal effects following accident or robbery in Singapore
  • Repatriation of driver, passenger and vehicle to Singapore in the event of accident or breakdown of vehicle
Up to S$20,000 Personal Accident Benefit for all named authorized driver    
Medical Expenses benefit of up to S$500 per person per accident for driver and each passenger for bodily injury sustained from accident    
For Third Parties
Up to S$5,000,000 third party liabilities cover for loss or damage to others' property and unlimited cover for death or bodily injury of others
Covers your legal liability including reasonable cost and expenses incurred as a result of accident
Optional Benefits
Flexibility to increase or reduce your excess through Voluntary Excess to suit your premium requirement    
NCD Protector to protect your 50% NCD at an additional premium in the event a claim is made in the policy year    
Option to insure your car accessories of up to S$5,000 against accident or theft. In the event of claim, such payment will not affect your NCD and Own Damage Excess    
Additional Personal Accident Benefit of up to S$20,000 per person for the permitted number of passengers in your vehicle    

* by fire and/or theft only

Important Notes

  • The amounts listed above are the maximum coverage payable for each benefit.
  • All information is to be read and construed, in the light of, and subject to, all terms and conditions contained in the Policy.
  • Please refer to the Policy Wording for the full specifications, conditions and exclusions.
  • NCD Protector available on Comprehensive Plan with 50% NCD only.
  • Excess shall mean the amount which you shall bear for each and every claim.
  • An administrative charge is applicable if you cancel your policy (whether before or after the commencement of your policy).
  • Your policy document and cover note will be sent to you through your email within 5 working days, and the physical copy will be sent to you within 14 working days.

^ applicable for Comprehensive Cover


In an accident, here are the 4 simple steps for you to follow:

Step 1 - Get Information

  • Exchange particulars of involved parties including Name, NRIC/FIN number, Phone number, Address & Insurance Company
  • Take note of the vehicle numbers
  • Take digital photographs of all involved 3rd party vehicles & the accident scene and MMS to 97112758 for e-filing of accident report

Step 2 - Call AXA 24-Hour Hotline 1800-880-4741 for a tow truck or for further advice on the accident.

Step 3 - Report and arrange to bring your accident vehicle (whether damaged or not) to one of our approved authorised workshops/reporting centres within 24 hours or by the next working day.

Step 4 - Lodge Police Report for the following motor accident cases

  • Involving injury of any person
  • Non-injury involving a government vehicle or damage to government property
  • Non-injury involving a foreign vehicle
  • Non-injury involving a pedestrian or cyclist
  • Any accident outside of Singapore

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(A) For Car Body Own Damage claim:

Survey & repairs authorization within 24 hours.

(B) For Car Windscreen claims:

Replacement within 8 hours after authorization and subject to the immediate availability of the windscreen and necessary parts.

If we fail to deliver our promise...

You will receive an AXA premium discount voucher* of S$400 for (A) and S$100 for (B) for your next purchase of any Personal Lines general insurance policy from AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd:

*This voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue and is non-transferable. It can only be used once to offset premiums for one or several AXA personal lines general insurance policies. The voucher shall not be exchangeable for cash. Any unutilised amount of this voucher shall be forfeited and is not refundable. The terms of this voucher may be changed by AXA at any time without notice.

Please click here for Terms to this Guarantee.

For any further information on this Guarantees, please contact AXA Customer Service Centre at 1800-880-4741.

10% Non-Reporting NCD will be deducted from your NCD after the Accident NCD has been applied.

What to do in the event of a claim?

  • Notify AXA immediately at 1800-880-4741 after discovery of an incident which may give rise to a claim under the policy.
  • Notify the police if there is evidence of criminal or malicious act involved.
  • Take reasonable measure to mitigate the loss.

Please click here to submit your claim online.

Documents required

  • Copy of Insurance Certificate / Cover Note
  • Colour Photos of Damage
  • Original Invoice / Receipt
  • Copy of Police Report

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Coverage and Extensions

Market value is the cost of replacing your insured vehicle with a car of the same make & model similar in condition, specification, and age of the vehicle immediately prior to the accident. This may be determined by the latest transactions sourced from newspapers, motoring publications and motor car dealers.

A market value policy is a better system as premiums will be charged based on the risk profile instead of a fixed sum assured which may be affected by fluctuating COE prices.

Yes, you can choose to insure on a Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party only cover when the loan has been fully paid up.

SmartDrive covers you up to Peninsular Thailand subject to a maximum duration of 14 days for each and every trip.

Excess and Discounts

Excess is an amount specified in your Policy Schedule, and is the portion of your Own Damage claim which you would have to bear for each and every accident where AXA will pay the balance. This is only applicable on the comprehensive policy.

As an illustration, if the claim amount is $1500 and your excess is $500, you need to bear the first $500 and the balance of $1000 can be claimed from your SmartDrive policy.

The additional excess as follows:

  • Unnamed Driver
    • Additional excess of S$5,000 will be charged for young and inexperienced driver of 26 years and below or less than 1 year driving experience
    • Additional excess of S$500 will be charged for unnamed driver above 26 years old
  • Named Driver
    • Additional excess of S$500 will be charged for young and inexperienced driver of 26 years old and below

Yes. The excess will be waived as follows:

  • Full waiver of excess if your NCD is 50%
  • Your excess will be reduced by half if your NCD is 40% and below Reduction of excess is also applicable when other Named or Unnamed Driver drives your car. For details, please refer to the Policy wordings.

The maximum excess to buy down is S$2,000 while the maximum excess to buy up is S$500. The appropriate premium will be automatically calculated.

Please submit a copy of Traffic Police's Safe Driver's eligibility certificate in your name. You can print it from this website.

Claims & Incident Reporting

File a police report with Malaysian police. Upon return to Singapore, report this incident to your insurer with a copy of the Malaysian police report. If the car cannot be driven, you have to arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the Malaysian causeway for another tow truck from Singapore to take over from the causeway. The comprehensive private motor policy will cover towing charges incurred due to accident up to S$500.

A police report is to be made if there is bodily injury, involvement with foreign registered vehicle, government vehicles, hit and run, theft, vandalism or if damage to third party property.

If the other party offers private settlement, you may want to have the settlement in writing from him/her. Call AXA's hotline at 1800-880-4741 for further advice if necessary.

If you have been successful in your counter claim for excess and loss of use (at least 80% success rate) your NCD can be re-instated. We will need to have copies of the letter of demand, discharge voucher and the settlement breakdown to assess and look into this request.

For comprehensive private car policy, windscreen cover is unlimited and is insured at its full value without affecting NCD. No excess is applicable and no re-instatement is required for windscreen claims.

As your insurer, any third party claims will be handled professionally, to the best of our ability and according to the rights of the policy. You can choose to take on any third party claims against you in your own capacity by signing an undertaking form, upon which, all correspondence including legal matters will be directed to you.

No. You can file the accident report at any of AXA's authorized workshop if you are under AXA's authorized workshop scheme or submit your claim directly to AXA if you are using your own workshop.

You can only choose to opt out of the authorized workshop scheme at the renewal of the policy. However, the discount you enjoyed while being on the scheme will no longer be applicable.

Promotion Terms and ConditionsPromotion Terms and Conditions

  • "Promotion" refers to the 20% discount on the premium payable on an AXA SmartDrive motor vehicle insurance policy ( "SmartDrive Policy") for the Promotion Period (as defined in clause 2 below). AXA SmartDrive is underwritten by AXA Insurance Pte Ltd ("AXA") and distributed by Citibank Singapore Limited ("Citibank").
  • The Promotion commences on 1 January 2018 and ends on 31 March 2018, both days inclusive ("Promotion Period").
  • The Promotion is applicable only for AXA SmartDrive insurance quotations requested via and the SmartDrive Policy must be incepted during the Promotion Period.
  • The discount referred to in clause 1 above is applied on the gross premium amount upon enrolment.
  • Promotion is not applicable if you are an existing AXA SmartDrive policy holder, or if your car is a Honda, Hyundai or Chevrolet that is under 3 years old or a Volkswagen that is under 10 years as at the date of the AXA SmartDrive insurance quotation requested.
  • This Promotion does not apply in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or offer relating to AXA SmartDrive.
  • The SmartDrive Policy benefits listed on Citibank’s website are for illustration purpose only. Please refer to the full terms, conditions and exclusions listed in the SmartDrive Policy.
  • Citibank's and AXA’s decision respectively, on all matters relating to the Promotion will be at their absolute discretion and will be final and binding on all participants.
  • Citibank and AXA reserve the right at their absolute discretion to terminate or amend the Promotion or vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions from time to time without notice.

Underwritten by:

AXA redefining /insurance

Disclaimers: Disclaimers:

This insurance plan is underwritten by AXA Insurance Pte Ltd (Co. Reg. No. 199903512M) and distributed by Citibank Singapore Limited. Please refer to full disclaimers applicable to relevant product(s) and/or service(s).