Foreign Currency Account

Foreign currency account.

Foreign Currency Bank Account

Multi Currency Account

Apply for a Foreign Currency Account (Checking or Savings) and choose from single or multiple foreign currencies of your choice to deposit in.


  • Easy conversion from one foreign currency to another
  • Earn higher interest when you save more in your foreign currency account

Get free cheque books for your US dollar Currency Accounts

CitiAccess- Multi Currency Account


  • US dollar denominated checking account with free first cheque book.

Global Foreign Currency Account

Global Foreign Currency Account

  • Allows you to carry out transactions in numerous currency types from a single platform.

US$ Savings Account - Multi Currency Account

US$ Savings Account

  • This US dollar denominated Savings Account is a daily interest earning account. And the more money you save, the higher the interest you'll earn.

US$ Checking Account - Multi Currency Account

US$ Checking Account

  • Non-interest bearing US dollar denominated Checking account with free cheque books.