Citibank Rewards Card

  • Enjoy 10x Rewards (S$1 spend = Citi $10) whenever you shop for shoes, bags or clothing or at department stores, locally & overseas*.

Citibank Clear Platinum Card

  • Enjoy 5x Rewards (S$1 spend = Citi $5) for Online Shopping,Nightspots, Cinemas and Cafes.

Citibank Paragon WORLD MasterCard

  • Earn 10% Style$ rebate year long on all purchases at more than 110 participating store in Paragon

Citibank TANGS Platinum Visa Card

  • Earn 10% rebate all year round and up to 12% rebate on special days at TANGS Orchard, TANGS VivoCity, TANG+Co & STUDIOTANGS.