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Merchant Acquisition

Merchant Business Unit extends comprehensive solutions to merchants who have Credit Card acceptance requirements. Based on our experience across all major merchant categories, our systems are designed to support the needs of multi-channel payment based on the needs of our clients. Merchant Business Unit supports extensive payment options through a variety of channels. In addition, Merchant Business Unit is in-tune with top existing and emerging technologies to ensure we are supporting all of the necessary channels for our clients both now and in the future. With current capabilities to support multiple currencies, Merchant Business Unit is able to establish significant and long-standing relationships with merchants, with regional or global presence as their centralized acquiring bank. Furthermore, the Merchant Business Unit has the ability to work with our clients to develop strategies, the enhancement of channels they would like to use in the future.

Citi supports Credit Card payments acceptance through the following channels:

  • Internet / Mobile Application Through E-Commerce
  • Credit Card Terminals
  • NFC / Contactless Acceptance
  • Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO)
  • File Transfer (Batch Files Processing)
  • Mobile Payment Acceptance Guidelines

Merchant Business also provides helpdesk services for our existing clients, through our Merchant Services Unit, where incoming calls and email inquiries are being managed and responded the next business day. To enquire on the Merchant Acquisition On-Boarding Process, please complete enrollment form and questionnaire, located in General Information and submit to We will respond within 3 business days upon your submission.

General Information
Contact Us
Roles Contact Person/s Contacts Operation Hours
For EDC Terminal Fault Reporting Please contact the vendor's hotline number indicated at the side of your terminal(s). 9am - 10pm* (Monday - Saturday)
10am - 10pm* (Sunday & Public Holidays)
For All Operational Issues & iMerchant Portal Enquiries Merchant Services Unit Helpdesk Phone: 65 6339-1396
Fax: 65 6632-4758
8.30am - 5.30pm (Monday - Friday)
Authorization Processing Enquiries Authorization Unit Phone: 65 6226-1177
Fax: 65 6632-8413
After Office Hours Contact
For Thermal Paper Roll Ordering SME Printing & Office Supplies Private Limited Phone: 65 6758-2328 Mobile: 65 8399-3866
Fax: 65 6481-4625
10am - 10pm (Daily)
TOPRINT Computer Supplies Pte Ltd Phone: 65 6477-6756/
65 6477-6620/
65 6477-6787

Mobile: 65 90010506
Fax: 65 64776626
9am to 5pm (Monday – Friday)

* Operation hours varies for different vendors.

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