Be rewarded when you start a Citigold Private Client relationship today.

Be rewarded when you start a Citigold Private Client relationship today.

Be rewarded with S$10,1381 or a pair of First Class Return Tickets to London2 when you start a Citigold Private Client relationship with investible assets of minimum S$1,500,000.

Deposit a minimum of S$1,500,000 new funds S$5,8881 cash credit or 984,500 Citi Dollars (393,800 miles)2
+ Transfer-in a minimum of S$1,500,000 eligible Unit Trusts S$2,2501 cash credit or 290,000 Citi Dollars (110,000 miles)2
+ Anniversary bonus S$2,0001 cash credit or 250,000 Citi Dollars (100,000 miles)2
Total Reward S$10,1381 cash credit or 1,524,500 Citi Dollars (603,800 miles)2

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1Terms and Conditions apply.

2The pair of First Class London tickets is calculated as an accumulation of miles over a 12-month period and can only be claimed after that time period. Miles illustrated above are an estimate. Actual number of miles may differ at time of redemption at the discretion of the respective Frequent Flyer Programmes. Citi Dollars can be claimed in different periods within Citi Prestige programme period.

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Deposit Insurance Scheme

Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$50,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law.

Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.

Investment comprises of Premium Account and Retail Unit Trusts. Insurance refers to Single Premium Insurance policy distributed by Citibank. Investment and Insurance products are: Not Bank Deposits. Not Bank Guaranteed. May Lose Value. Not Insured By Any Government Agency. Investment and Treasury products are not available to U.S. Persons.

Premium Account

By investing in a Citibank Premium Account, you are allowing the bank to repay you at a future date in an alternate currency that is different from the currency in which your initial Investment was made, regardless of whether you wish to be repaid in this currency at that time.

A Premium Account is unlike a traditional bank account as it is an Investment and returns may vary. Premium Account is subject to a number of risks. A Premium Account is an Investment in one or more foreign currencies. It is subject to foreign exchange rate fluctuations, which may provide both opportunities and risks. You may experience a loss when you convert any alternate currency into the base currency.

The higher rate of interest you may earn in the Premium Account as compared to a traditional Time Deposit may not compensate you for the foreign exchange loss.

Exchange controls may apply from time to time to certain foreign currencies. Our Treasury Services Managers and Relationship Managers may assist you with information on any exchange controls that are relevant to the currencies in which you invest. You should note that a Premium Account is an Investment product that should be held to maturity. Early withdrawal of a part of a Premium Account prior to the maturity date is not permitted. Early withdrawal of the whole of a Premium Account is permitted but strongly discouraged, because you will have to pay early termination charges and these charges will be deducted from the amount repaid under the Premium Account. As a result, the amount repaid to you may be less than the principal amount. If you wish to terminate your Premium Account prior to maturity, please contact the bank.

The bank may, at any time at its discretion, terminate the Premium Account. This may happen, for example, if restrictions on convertibility and transferability become applicable to any of the currency in your Premium Account. In such cases, payment to you may be made in the alternate currency or another currency chosen by the bank. You may incur a loss on the principal amount in such cases. You should obtain the advice of a licensed or an exempt financial advisor before making a commitment to enter into a Premium Account transaction. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a financial advisor, you should carefully consider whether a Premium Account is suitable for you in light of your Investment objectives, your financial means and your risk profile. For more information on a Premium Account, you should also carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the Premium Account.

Unit Trusts

Investment products are not bank deposits or obligations of or guaranteed by Citibank Singapore Limited, Citigroup Inc. or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries and are subject to Investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results, prices can go up or down. Investors investing in funds denominated in non-local currency should be aware of the risk of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause a loss of principal.

This document does not constitute the distribution of any information or the making of any offer or solicitation by anyone in any jurisdiction in which such distribution or offer is not authorised or to any person to whom it is unlawful to distribute such a document or make any offer or solicitation.

Investment products are not available to U.S. Persons and may not be available in all jurisdictions.

All applications for units in the unit trusts must be made on the application forms accompanying the prospectus, which are available from Citibank branches. Investors should read the prospectus before deciding whether to invest in units in the unit trusts.


Insurance products are obligation only of the Insurance Company. They are not bank deposits or obligations of or guaranteed by Citibank Singapore Limited, Citigroup Inc. or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries. This is not a contract of Insurance. Accordingly, the information should be read and construed in light of and subject to, all terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy contract. Full details are stated in the policy contract. You should seek advice from a qualified advisor if in doubt. If you choose not to, you will have to take sole responsibility to ensure that this product is appropriate to your financial needs and Insurance objectives. Buying a life Insurance policy is a long-term commitment. An early termination of the policy usually involves high costs and the surrender value may be less than the total premiums paid. All Insurance applications are subject to the Insurance company's underwriting and acceptance.

Citibank full disclaimers, Terms and Conditions apply to individual products and banking services.