Keep your wealth
goals on track

Keep your wealth goals on track
Wealth Advisor

Keep your wealth goals on track with Citigold Total Wealth Advisor1

With Citigold Total Wealth Advisor, set your wealth goals and track your progress at your convenience via Citibank Online or your Citi Mobile® App.

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  • Set
    your wealth goals with your Relationship Manager, who will work closely with you to achieve your financial aspirations.
  • Track
    how your portfolio value changes over time and monitor your goals' real-time progress, at your convenience.
  • Modify
    as you go along by measuring your portfolio against Citigold Diversification Index and Citi's Model Portfolios and bring your goals back on track2.
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1Portfolio stress test and customised alerts via Citibank Online and Citi Mobile® App are currently not available and will be introduced progressively. 2The term "Portfolio(s)" referred to in this document are merely references to illustrations of asset allocations in general and are not personalized to your specific investment needs. Your individual investment holding(s) will not be actively monitored by Citibank Singapore Limited and Citibank Singapore Limited does not undertake to, and is not obliged to, undertake a review, manage or monitor your investment holding(s) or to track your investment holding(s).

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