Create Wealth with Customized Wealth Packages offered by Citi Priority Singapore! Create Wealth with Customized Wealth Packages offered by Citi Priority Singapore! Create Wealth with Customized Wealth Packages offered by Citi Priority Singapore!

Create Wealth

No matter what stage of life you're in, we believe in personalized wealth planning and management that helps you maximize the potential to create wealth as efficiently as possible and in a way that best suits you.
Customised wealth packages


wealth packages

We have crafted a series of wealth planning packages to help you get closer to your goals. Each package is designed to fit a different set of lifestyles and priorities - so you can find one that best fits your wealth creation plans.
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Market insights at your fingertips


Market insights at your fingertips

Stay updated on key global market developments and Citi's house views on the latest headlines. Find out what's trending through our comprehensive market research reports and in-depth thematic articles.
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Accelerate your savings


Accelerate your savings

Grow your savings simply by making a deposit in your Savings Account and earn up to 2.5% p.a. interest. Choose from a variety of offerings to enjoy higher interest rates on your savings.
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Making extra cash is closer than you think


Making extra cash
is closer than you think

Take the first step towards wealth generation by choosing from our suite of investment products available on our online investment platform, that best suit your investment needs and risk appetite.
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Smart solutions at your fingertips


Smart solutions
at your fingertips

Get bite-sized tips on financial solutions spanning across investment, protection and banking to help you tap into a world of opportunities.
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Make the most of every trade

Trade Instantly with Citibank eFX

Trade on the go through our eFX platform on Citibank Online or Citi Mobile® App, with real-time alerts and attractive FX rates.
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Seize opportunities with Citibank Brokerage

View stock prices, ratings & forecasts via our Thomson Reuters Stock Analytics with Citibank Brokerage.
Trade now to enjoy our U.S. market brokerage commission at 0.3%, with a minimum charge of USD25. Plus, enjoy free 1-month buy trades online for U.S. and HK markets if you are new to Citibank Brokerage.
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The following promotions will commence on 1 June 2017 unless otherwise stated. They are open to Citi Priority clients with a minimum of S$70,000 in Assets Under Management with Citi, and are subject to change at our sole discretion without notice.

"Assets Under Management" refers to the combined balances held in a client's primary accounts including Citibank checking and savings account, time deposits and investments. Funds credited into cash management accounts will not count towards Assets Under Management. With effect from 1 June 2017, the minimum amount of Assets Under Management required to start and maintain a Citi Priority relationship has been raised from S$50,000 to S$70,000.

A monthly account service fee of S$15 will apply if your Total Relationship Balance does not meet the minimum requirement of S$15,000.

"Total Relationship Balance" is the sum of:

  1. the average daily balance of your checking, savings and deposit accounts,
  2. the average daily value of your investments, and
  3. all outstanding amounts payable on your secured loan accounts as of the date of your last statement.

Citi's determination of Total Relationship Balance will be conclusive. If a newly-established account is closed within six (6) months from date such account is established, an account closure fee of S$50 will be imposed on the customer. Citibank reserves the right to transfer a customer from one relationship to another (e.g. from Citi Priority to Citibanking) if that customer does not meet the requirements for its existing relationship or for any other reason whatsoever in its sole and absolute discretion.

United States ("U.S.") Citizens, U.S. Residents, U.S. Green Card holders or clients with a U.S. mailing address, U.S. telephone number, are not eligible for all Promotions. A person is a "U.S.Resident" if he is present in the U.S. for more than 31 days in the current calendar year and for an average of at least 183 days over the current calendar year and the 2 preceding calendar years. Please note that the bank's definition of U.S. Person may not be the same as the definition used by the U.S. Inland Revenue Services for U.S. tax purposes.

Citibank Online Brokerage Promotion

Promotion is valid for customers who are new to Citibank Brokerage and have not closed any Citibank Brokerage accounts in the past 12 months prior to the establishment of the new account. New to Citibank Brokerage customers will enjoy 1 month of free buy trades from the opening date of the new account as stated in the Account Opening advice. Login to your Citibank Online or CitiMobile® App to trade and the broker fees will reflect as zero at the online pre-confirmation page. All other exchange fees apply. For existing Citibank Brokerage customers, the promotion will apply only to new Brokerage market(s) cash trading account(s) opened and which have not been closed in the past 12 months prior to the establishment of the new account(s). All other existing Citibank Brokerage terms and conditions apply.

Citibank Online Mutual Funds Promotion

Login to Citibank Online to purchase any mutual funds and pay only 1% sales charge for transactions up to S$10,000. Non-promotional sales charge of 3% will apply to the entire investment amount, if the transaction amount exceeds S$10,000. Online purchase of unit trusts can be performed by only holders of single named accounts. Customers are required to have a valid Investment Risk Profile and have traded unit trust (Collective Investment Scheme) at least six (6) times in the preceding three (3) years. All other existing product terms and conditions apply.

Citibank Online Premium Account and eFX Promotion

Login to your Citibank Online or CitiMobile® App to invest in a Premium Account or make a foreign currency transfer via eFX. If you are new to Premium Account or have not transacted in any Premium Accounts in the past 12 months prior to your online investment, you will receive S$20 Grab credits when you invest a minimum of S$10,000 for 1 month or its time-weighted average (e.g. S$20,000 for 2 weeks, S$40,000 for 1 week, etc.) for your online Premium Account investment. If you are making your first eFX transaction, you will receive S$20 Grab credits when you transact a cumulative amount of at least S$10,000 within one calendar month of your first eFX transaction. If you meet both conditions for online Premium Account and eFX transactions, you will receive a total amount of S$50 Grab credits.To invest in Premium Account, customers are required to have a valid Investment Risk Profile, knowledge and experience in dual currency investments and have traded premium accounts at least six (6) times in the preceding three (3) years. All other existing product and merchant terms and conditions apply.

Deposit Insurance Scheme:

Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$50,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured. For more information, please visit


Investment products are not available to U.S. persons. Investment products are not bank deposits or obligations of or guaranteed by Citibank Singapore Limited, Citigroup, Inc or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries unless specifically stated. Investment products are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results, prices can go up or down. Investors investing in investment and/or treasury products denominated in non-local currency should be aware of the risks of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause a loss of principal when foreign currency is converted back to the investors' home currency. This document / communication / presentation does not constitute the distribution of any information or the making of any offer of solicitation by anyone in any jurisdiction in which such distribution or offer is not authorized or to any person to whom it is unlawful to distribute such document or to make any offer or solicitation. All applications for unit trusts are subject to terms and conditions specific and must be made on the application forms accompanying the prospectus or otherwise prescribed by the issuer. Not all products and services are available in all jurisdictions.


Insurance products are not eligible for deposit insurance coverage under the Deposit Insurance Scheme. They may be protected under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation. For more information on the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme, please contact your insurer or visit the websites of the General Insurance Association, the Life Insurance Association, Singapore or the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation Limited

Citibank reserves the right not to accord the featured promotion at its discretion. Featured promotional items are subject to change without prior notice. Any benefit under this promotion shall not be exchangeable for cash or credit or in kind. In the event that the promotional items are unavailable for any reason whatsoever, Citibank reserves the right to substitute the same with products of similar value without prior notice. Citibank's decision on all matters relating to the promotion will be final and binding on all participants. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any brochure, marketing or promotional materials relating to the promotion, these Terms and Conditions will prevail.

Citibank shall not in any way be liable for any goods or services or the quality of performance of such goods and services supplied by any participating merchant, site or service provider or other authorized agent. The eligible client should seek redress and direct any complaints or comments in respect of such goods and services to the respective participating merchant, provider or agent.Citibank full disclaimers, terms and conditions apply to individual products and banking services.

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