Exclusive Citigold offer for
Citi Credit Card holders

Enhanced welcome gift of up to S$6,500 cash1 or 266,000 miles

(A pair of return business class tickets to the Maldives)

Enjoy 6 months of free buy trades2 online for U.S. and HK markets

if you open a new brokerage account and hold a Citibank Credit Card

Preferential rates on your foreign currency time deposits3

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Currency 1 month (p.a.) 3 months (p.a.)
USD 1.80% 2.00%
AUD 1.10% 1.30%
NZD 1.10% 1.30%

Citi MaxiGain Savings Account Accelerated Bonus Interest

Accelerate your savings with an initial 1.3% p.a. interest rate in the month after account opening and achieve up to a 2.2% p.a.5 interest rate in just 10 months, instead of the usual 12.

More Details
Base Interest Rate (p.a.) Bonus Counter Bonus Interest Rate (p.a.)6 Total Interest Rate (p.a.)
1%4 Month 1 0.3%
(Accelerated from 0.1% to 0.3% based on your existing credit
card relationship)
Month 2 0.4% 1.4%
Month 3 0.5% 1.5%
Month 4 0.6% 1.6%
Month 5 0.7% 1.7%
Month 6 0.8% 1.8%
Month 7 0.9% 1.9%
Month 8 1.0% 2.0%
Month 9 1.1% 2.1%
Month 10 1.2% 2.2%

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Terms and Conditions

1 2019 Citigold Welcome Program Terms and Conditions. The pair of business class return Maldives tickets is calculated as an accumulation of miles over a 8-month period and can only be claimed after that time period. Miles illustrated above are an estimate. Actual number of miles may differ at time of redemption at the discretion of the respective Frequent Flyer programs.

2Citibank Online Brokerage Promotion Terms and Conditions.

3Applies only to Citigold with existing funds (FX conversion is required) or fresh funds. Click here for full details.

4For illustration purposes, we have provided that the 1-month SIBOR is 1.43% p.a. therefore, the base interest rate set out in the above illustration is 1% p.a. based on the 1-month SIBOR of 1.43% p.a. The base interest rate will fluctuate daily in accordance with the movement of the 1-month SIBOR. Click here for full details.
Please also refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Citi Maxigain Counter 3 Kicker Promotion.

5By fulfilling the necessary conditions, you can achieve 2.2% interest p.a. (1%4 base + 1.2% p.a. bonus) from the 11th month onwards. For clarity, the 1%4 interest p.a. is applicable on the daily balance and 1.2% interest p.a. is applicable on the lowest balance in the previous month provided the necessary conditions are fulfilled.

6Your balances capped at S$150,000 shall accrue bonus interest at a rate ("Bonus Interest Rate") that steps up each month, from 0.3% p.a. to a maximum of 1.2% p.a., calculated based on your lowest balance in the previous month, if the lowest balance in your MaxiGain account in a month is equal to or greater than the lowest balance in the previous month. The lowest amount of funds in your MaxiGain account at any point in time in a month shall be the "lowest balance" of that month. The "Counter" increases by 1 each time the Bonus Interest Rate steps up. No minimum balance is required in your MaxiGain account to earn bonus interest.

Deposit Insurance Scheme:

Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured. For more information, please visit www.sdic.org.sg

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