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Credit/ATM/Debit Card Overseas Usage Activation/De-activation

All new, renewal and replacement Citibank ATM/Debit Cards linked to a Citibank Checking and Savings Account(s) will have their overseas usage feature (ATM cash withdrawals and Debit Card transactions) de-activated as a default unless:

  1. You had specifically selected to activate the overseas usage feature on your account opening application form.
  2. The card being renewed/ replaced was previously activated for overseas usage.

Customers holding Citibank Credit Cards or ATM cards linked to Ready Credit accounts will have the option to activate/de-activate their overseas usage function on these cards.

Free global Citibank ATM withdrawals

Why pay for cash? Enjoy free cash withdrawals1 from our network of Citibank ATMs in 42 countries worldwide with your Citibank ATM/Debit Card.

Important Notice:
Card security has always been our priority and to further enhance it, we have added an overseas usage de-activation feature on our ATM/Debit Cards for ATM cash withdrawals and Debit Card transactions overseas. Click here to find out more.

1No overseas cash withdrawal processing fee from Citibank ATMs using Citibank ATM & Debit Card; standard foreign currency exchange rates apply. Subjected to a pre-set daily cash withdrawal limit of S$3,000.

Citibank World Privileges

Experience preferential treatment and great discounts at more than 25,000 establishments worldwide, ranging from shopping to entertainment and dining.

For Citibank Credit and Debit Cards only


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