Citi Management Associate Program.

Citi Management Associate Program.

Citi's Management Associate Program is the most established, prestigious leadership development program in the industry today. It has a proven track record of producing dynamic leaders all over the world and Singapore is the first country in Asia Pacific to offer a cross-franchise Management Associate Program in Citi. This program will accelerate your career development and place you in leadership positions early on in your career. It will provide you with an opportunity to realise your potential and explore your prospects through a broad, yet in-depth, exposure to Citi's businesses. As a Management Associate, you rotate across businesses over a 36 month period, gaining experience with front, middle, and back office roles. The objective of this Program is to develop multi-dimensional managerial talent needed to lead Citi in years to come.

Program Synopsis

Program Structure

As a Management Associate, you will undergo:

  • Four six-month rotations and one twelve-month placement;
  • Your rotations include a minimum of two stints in a middle office and back office role;
  • Your rotations span across the Institutional Clients Group (ICG), the Global Consumer Group (GCG), Operations and Technology (O&T), and Corporate Support Functions.

Business areas that you may rotate in include:

  • Corporate Banking (ICG)
  • Global Markets (ICG)
  • Global Wealth Management (ICG)
  • Transaction Services (ICG)
  • Commercial Banking (GCG)
  • Credit Payment Products (GCG)
  • International Personal Bank (GCG)
  • Retail Banking (GCG)
  • Secured Finance (GCG)
  • Audit and Risk Review (Support Function)
  • Corporate Affairs (Support Function)
  • Decision Mangaement (Support Function)
  • Financial Control (Support Function)
  • Human Resources (Support Function)
  • Legal and Compliance (Support Function)
  • Operations and Technology (Support Function)
  • Risk Management (Support Function)
  • Treasury (Support Function)

You will be given vast opportunities to participate in a broad range of internal and external programs. These programs are specifically designed to equip you with in-depth business knowledge, technical skills, and interpersonal skills. You will be required to attend a number of compulsory programs; including a comprehensive business induction and other regional development programs.

Dedicated Program Management & Mentorship

As a Management Associate, you will constantly be challenged to expand your horizon. Regular reviews with the Program Manager throughout each rotation will ensure your optimal development and growth. Throughout your time as a Management Associate, you will also be mentored by a member of Senior Management, providing guidance on your professional development and career aspirations.

Leadership in CitiClub

CitiClub is a staff welfare and engagement committee which organizes various activities for Citibankers. You and your fellow Management Associates will form the majority of CitiClub, taking on leadership roles in various teams including; Community & Volunteerism, Terrific Thursdays, Citibanker Deals, Sports Leagues, Member Relations, and special interest groups. Involvement in CitiClub will give you high visibility across the bank as well as an opportunity to expand your professional network within Citi. The roles also offer a range of opportunities to hone your leadership, negotiation, and influencing skills and be involved in the One Citi spirit!

Training and Development

As a Management Associate, you will participate in three core training programs within the duration of the MA program. The objective of these programs is to provide a holistic view of Citi's clients, products, organization, and platforms. On top of the mandatory core training programs, Citi offers additional programs which you may decide to participate in, with the guidance of your program manager. The additional programs may be business specific or soft-skills related and are personalized for your rotations.

Asia's Management Associate X-Franchise Training (A-MAX) Program:

The A-MAX Program is a 2 week induction course that aims to develop a "One Citi" mindset through foundation training in key aspects of Banking, promoting collaboration among businesses, and fostering leadership skills. You will learn about foundation technical skills, including; Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, as well as Citi's businesses and business drivers. A-MAX focuses on foundation business skills, such as; Citi's culture, basic leadership skills, essential business competencies, and the key to effective career planning.

Management Associate Development Program for Consumer Banking (MADPCB):

MADPCB is a 2-week regional development program that provides a deeper understanding of the consumer banking business. The program will be led by senior in-house presenters to help you gain an in-depth functional knowledge of the GCG business, learn about best practices in the region, build stronger presentation skills through various group assignments, and to gain awareness of the creativity required to ensure good product dynamics.

Management Associate Graduate Integrated Curriculum (MAGIC) Program:

MAGIC is a 5-week course that creates a broad understanding of the ICG business by establishing partnerships among product and business lines, developing a "hybrid" banker able to identify cross-sell opportunities, and enabling a shared Citi mind-set. MAGIC is based on a series of lectures and case-studies with an emphasis on practical application. You will complete extensive team projects in addition to individual exams. The core components of this course include; team building, accounting, financial analysis, risk analysis, transaction services, and finance.

The Management Associate Voice

Tee Jia Min, MA Cohort 2009

I graduated from NTU in 2008 with a Bachelor of Accountancy. I then went on straight to the London School of Economics to do my Masters in Accounting and Finance, graduating in 2009. I returned to Singapore in 2009 to join the Citi Management Associate Program. I heard about the Management Associate Program online from a news article when I was still living in London. There was a report on Management Associates' 2009 scheme to support graduate recruitment during what we all know was a particularly challenging year for the industry. Citibank was quoted as being a strong supporter of this scheme to create additional jobs while still maintaining their usual recruitment for the Management Associate program. I was very impressed at the bank's commitment towards supporting Singapore and local employment. That was the triggering factor for me to submit my application to join the Management Associate Program.

Through the cross franchise Program, I was able to gain broad based experience across both consumer and corporate banking teams through rotations in International Personal Bank, Treasury, Citi Transaction Services, Credit Payment Products and Citi Ventures. Each had its own set of challenges and required you to be adaptable as you would be working with different teams in different environments in each rotation. I gained a different set of skills from each stint and thoroughly enjoyed my time in every rotation. The year I spent in Credit Payment Products was challenging but very fruitful. I was part of Citibank Singapore's landmark launch of Contactless Posters, a first-in-market achievement for the Singapore business. I was given the chance to experience the end to end product development cycle, from concept to trial to commercialization pitches. My managers were not only focused on ensuring I gained and applied product knowledge, but also took every opportunity for my personal development. For example, by encouraging me to take the lead in making presentations to the business heads which really helped me develop a sense of ownership over the project. The management's strong support towards this initiative also demonstrated the significant role that Citibank places on innovation and always being ahead of the curve in providing the best experience to our customers.

I was assigned to a great mentor when I joined Citibank. Throughout the years, her advice and shared experiences have been invaluable in helping me shape my career path and decisions. I had some big decisions to make when I asked for an overseas placement after the Management Associate Program in 2012 and my mentor's advice from her own overseas stint and country working culture really helped my decision-making process. Throughout the program, I also discovered that all the seniors in the bank were very willing to help and generous with their time and advice as informal mentors. I would always remember an incident in my first rotation when the head of my department at that time called to offer help for my first end rotation presentation and to give me guidance on what to expect. The gesture made an impression as I felt it was a great testament to the bank-wide mentorship culture.

Now that I have completed the Management Associate program, I'll be joining Citi Ventures in Palo Alto where I'll be focused on collaborating with internal and external partners to identify and drive new business opportunities for Citi. The Management Associate program has definitely prepared me for this position as my rotations directed me purposefully towards discovering my strengths and interest, building up the right skill sets and network to help me do my job well. With cross-functional and cross-franchise exposure gained through the program, I was able to leverage the broad based experience to become the first Singapore Management Associate to join Citi Ventures in Singapore for my final rotation. This gave me a chance to learn and experience the team's work in creating value and driving growth for Citi through innovation. As innovation continues to be a strong driver of growth for Citi, I was keen to continue doing this work that I enjoy and at the same time, challenge myself further by immersing myself in an overseas work environment.

My most memorable experience from being a Management Associate would definitely be the 6 weeks I spent in Shanghai undergoing training with fellow MAs from around the region. The training program demonstrated the bank's firm commitment towards development. It was an rigorous period with classroom and practical lessons from specialized instructors, weekly exams and case study presentations. But the intense training helped all of the MAs form even stronger bonds amidst the all-nighters preparing for presentations. I returned to Singapore armed with specialist knowledge that was directly relevant to my work, a strong network of friends among the MAs in Asia and even a sprinkling of local Shanghainese!

One piece of advice I give to future Management Associates is be trustworthy even in your smallest tasks. Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.

Meet our MAs

Hear what our Mas have to say about the program

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Citi is well-known for its Management Associate Program and it was widely spoken about amongst my peers in university. My main reason for joining the Management Associate program as opposed to other direct hire programs was to allow myself exposure to the many various functions within a bank. The Banking sector is fast transforming to an organization relying on inter-dependent teams and cross-functional groups, and having a good understanding of how the different businesses interact with each other is something no textbooks can teach you. - Adriel Low, MA Cohort 2009, graduated from the University of Michigan with Bachelor of Science in Industrial Operations

The Management Associate Program helped me to think on my feet constantly and this helped when moving from one rotation to another, as you had to start from scratch and to learn the basics all over again. It also helped me learn how to perform well under pressure and to adapt to different environments and situations - Eugene Lee, MA Cohort 2009, graduated from Singapore Management University with Bachelor of Business Management.

My Senior management mentor helped me settle down in the first 6 months. My mentor gave a balanced view in terms of advice and we could talk objectively as there we were not working together in the same business. After the first 6 months I became more independent and started to look for more informal mentors to advise me. - Melvin Dineshraj, MA Cohort 2010, graduated from Singapore Management University with Bachelor of Business .

My very first business project involved creating an automated system that enabled Collections to send email reminders to customers. I was not expecting to take on a project of this magnitude so early in my career - the project reach of this email channel stands at about 3-4 thousand emails sent per day! What was really exciting about this is it happened only in my first 3 months with the company. The potential for growth at Citi really is limitless! - Adriel Low, MA Cohort 2009

The Right Fit

A Glimpse into the recruitment process

We recognise that the recruitment and retention of Management Associates is vital for business success. Our aim is thus to ensure that all candidates undergo a recruitment process that is of the highest quality. Citi's interview process is designed to identify potential leaders - those who possess the skills, training, experience and potential that we believe to be critical to a high-performance future at Citi.

All Management Associates candidates go through the following recruitment process:

To qualify for a Management Associate position, you must have:

  • An Honors Degree (minimum 2nd Upper Honors) or;
  • A Masters degree from a reputable university and;
  • No more than 3 years of work experience if already graduated.

To succeed in the Management Associate role, you must:

  • Be highly motivated, flexible, adaptable, and resilient
  • Have a results-orientated mindset
  • Have a genuine interest in the financial services sector
  • Have an eagerness to learn and apply the knowledge you will acquire
  • Possess strong analytical and quantitative skills
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Have the confidence and the credibility needed to build relationships with clients
  • Work well independently as well as with a team
  • Exhibit the highest commitment to integrity and ethical decision making
  • Think creatively to identify new business opportunities and execute ideas successfully
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