CitiPhone Banking.

Call us. Can we be of help?

CitiPhone Banking. Call us. Can we be of help?

Access a wealth of banking functions at a touch of a button. Call our 24-Hour CitiPhone self-service banking at (65)6225 5225 to pay your bills, redeem rewards, check your account balance and more.

Call From Singapore

Follow the steps below to access the transactions you require:

Enjoy fast and easy access to all your banking needs now.

  • Dial 6225 5225
  • For Citibank Customer
  • When prompted, enter NRIC or ATM or Credit Card No.   +   #
  • Press

    1  Account Information, Balance Enquiry, Online Authorization Code

    2  Fund Transfer, Overseas Usage Activation

    3  Temporary Limit Increase, PIN Change

    4  Application Status, FX Rates, Citibank Addresses

    5  Balance Transfer, Rewards & Other Services

    6  Report a Lost Card

    0  Speak to a CitiPhone Officer and enter T-PIN or OTP

    *  Repeat Message

Call From Overseas

Phone Home Numbers

You're just a phone call away from help.

No matter where you are, we'll do our best to help. Print a copy of this page now and remember to bring it along when you travel.

Destination Toll-Free Number
Australia 1800 141 073
Belgium 0800 77 565
Brunei 800 065
Chile 123 0020 9003
China 10800 650 0102
Canada 1877 432 8161
Finland 08001 165 12
France 0800 91 5921
Germany 0800 180 2351
Guam 1877 703 7112
Hong Kong 800 90 0181
Hungary 06 800 14052
India* 000 6517
Indonesia 001 803 65 7494
Italy 800 87 7028
Ireland 1800 556 591
Israel 180 945 2513
Japan 00531 65 0022
Luxembourg 8002 9372
Malaysia 1800 80 1052
Netherland 0800 023 2068
New Zealand 0800 44 3197
Norway 800 13 223
Pakistan 00800 11065
Philippines 1800 1651 0581
South Korea 00308 65 11334
Sweden 020 796 112
Switzerland 0800 83 4736
Taiwan 00801 65 1455
Thailand 001 800 65 6322
Turkey 0090 216 524 7474
UAE 800 065 0535
UK 0800 169 9193
USA 1877 228 5936

*available only from phones with IDD facility.

For Brunei, India and Pakistan, please follow these steps:

  • Dial the SingaporeDIRECT toll-free number of the country you are in (eg. 800 065 for Brunei).
  • At the voice prompt, press "2" for International Toll-Free Service.
  • Enter our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking number (6225 5225).
  • Your call will be connected.

Send us a Secured Email:

  • Login to Citibank Online with your Username and Password.
  • Go to My Mailbox section, located at the top right of your account summary page
  • Key in your One-Time PIN (OTP) when prompted.
  • Select the type of query, compose and send us your message.

Our customer service officers will reply to your query via Secured Message or call you within 72 hours to answer your query/complete your instruction.

Submit Form

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Please do not send your account related instructions or queries via this link.

We will not act on / respond to such instructions/queries sent via this link. For your protection, please log in to Citibank Online to send us your SECURE message via My Home Inbox or call our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at
(65) 6225 5225

Enroll for Voice Biometrics

Unlock a new banking experience with your voice.

Voice Biometrics - a convenient voice identification system.

  • Hassle Free
    Recognizes your unique voice almost instantaneously.

  • Fast
    Spend less time on verification questions.

  • Safe
    Authenticates with your unique voice print.

What is
Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics is a technology used to extract personal voice print and verify the speaker's identity using just voice. In essence, it listens to a human's voice and determines who that person is.

There are many voice characteristics that can be measured to determine who you are based on your voice. To identify a person, voice biometrics technology captures a person's voice and uses algorithms to compare the captured voice characteristics to the characteristics of a previously created voice print. If the two match, then the voice biometrics software will confirm that the person speaking is the same as the person registered against the voice print.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Could someone gain access to my voice print and hack into my account?
    1. A voice biometrics is a numerical representation of the sound, pattern, and rhythm of an individual's voice. Voice biometrics or "voice print" is as unique to an individual as a palm or fingerprint. Voice biometrics technology is the ability to extract an individual's voice print and to use the extracted voice print to verify the speaker's identity by comparing the voice to the voice print. The voice print which is a numerical representation cannot be emulated from the file and cannot be reused in any form.
  2. Can someone record my voice and use that to access my account information?
    1. No. Citi uses Text Independent or Free Speech voice biometrics technology, which does not require any vocal password. The verification will be conducted using your voice print whilst you are having a conversation with our CitiPhone officer.
  3. What if someone has the same voice as me?
    1. No two voices are the same; even identical twins have different voice prints. Over 70 body parts are involved in creating speech. Each human voice and extracted voice print is therefore unique.
  4. What if I have a cold which affects how I sound?
    1. There may be conditions that may affect the authentication of your voice, though with a slight cold, your voice could still be authenticated. Should the authentication process be affected by a change in your voice, the standard verification questions will be asked to safe guard your confidentiality.
  5. How much do I have to pay for voice biometrics?
    1. This service is provided at no charge to enhance your CitiPhone experience.
  6. How can I request for this service? Will I be automatically enrolled?
    1. Your consent to collect, store and use your voice print is required prior to enrolment. All you would have to do is call our Voice Biometrics Enrollment hotline 6238 8383 and request for voice biometrics enrolment.
  7. Where is voice biometrics made available in Citibank?
    1. Voice biometrics is only available when customers speak to our CitiPhone officers at our Voice Biometrics Enrollment hotline 6238 8383 and is not available at branches or Citibank Online.
  8. Can I be authenticated immediately via voice biometrics enrolment?
    1. You will be able to use this service after 4 hours upon successful enrolment.